Love isn't just in the air—it's in the stars. This Valentine's Day, keep in mind your crush's zodiac sign so that you can plan the perfect date based on their zodiac sign. This way, it not only expresses your love but makes them feel special.

If these don't apply to you, take a look at your Venus sign. Here are the best Valentine's Day date ideas, based on your partner's zodiac sign:

1. Aries

If your valentine is an Aries, then you should know they don't like to be restricted and held down by their plans. For Valentine's Day, try something free-flowing that always has something new, like a day at the park or an interactive museum.

2. Taurus

For a Taurus, don't even try to skimp on Valentine's Day. Wine and dine your special someone by going to a fancy restaurant or a high-class show. You might be tempted to leave the romantic evening a surprise, but don't. Hide some details to make it special, but at least give them a heads up as to the time of the event and the attire expected for the night.

3. Gemini

Show your Gemini how much you care about them and their life by taking them somewhere they can be expressive. Let them talk about themselves as much as they want while you take them to a museum followed by coffee, to a movie followed by dinner, or a night in the city while you explore it through their eyes.

4. Cancer

If your date is a Cancer, odds are they'll want to be comfortable. When you treat them for Valentine's Day, make them dinner at your place with candles and the whole nine yards. Afterward, you can pick out a romantic comedy and snuggle up on the couch together. If there's an animal in the movie, your animal-loving Cancer is no doubt to have the perfect evening.

5. Leo

No matter what you do, when you go to pick up your Leo for the evening, make sure you show up with a gift. It doesn't matter how small the gift is, Leos are all about getting flowers and chocolates on Valentine's Day. Odds are, they probably bought you something too, so it's better to be safe than sorry. Opposite of a Taurus, Leos would love a surprise date. As long as they've got plenty of chances to talk and sneak in some PDA, they're likely to be happy going anywhere.

6. Virgo

It's time that your Virgo gets cared for for a change. They care about others so much that it's practically a part-time job, so no matter how hesitant they are about it, show them some love. It's not just about what you do, it's about what you do for them. Start off your Valentine's Day by making them breakfast (some cute AF heart-shaped pancakes would be perfect) then plan a self-care night together complete with some wine, face masks, and massages.

7. Libra

If your crush is a Libra, you know they love to live their life luxuriously no matter what their bank account tries to tell them. They thrive when they feel treated and complimented. Libras love to dress up, look hot, and reflect on their memories of all the times they've ever looked hot. Capitalize on this by taking your Libra to a fancy and romantic Valentine's Day photo shoot. Pick a hot location, get your best outfits on, and arrive just before sunset and take advantage of that golden hour that Libras live for. They'll look back on those pictures for years to come.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios are practically fearless when it comes to intimacy. When planning Valentine's Day with a Scorpio, don't feel the need to take them out for a fancy dinner. Instead, try to plan a romantic night in for just the two of you. Set the mood and let them know just how much they matter to you. Odds are, things will get a little hot and heavy.

9. Sagittarius

When planning a date with a Sagittarius, treat them with a night in the city and maybe eat at an unfamiliar restaurant. Do things the two of you can experience together, because when a Sagittarius feels love in the air, they need to feel like they can continually grow in their relationships. They're super eager to learn and experience new things with you.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns aren't ones to go crazy over love, or at least they don't express it that way. They're very goal-oriented, so they're not shy to plan ahead in their relationships. For Valentine's Day, show them that you're focused on the future too and plan out an itinerary for the day. Maybe start the day with a brunch and then head to the mall to shop. Afterwards, go see a movie and then enjoy a movie together. Let them know that you're thinking of your future together, too.

11. Aquarius

If your Valentine is an Aquarius, you know that they don't like to play by the rules. They're not very "lovey dovey," so for Valentine's Day, steer clear of stereotypical romantic dates. Instead, do something unconventional, like going to a concert or an art museum. Let them go off and explore on their own and be the independent star they are.

12. Pisces

When it comes to Pisces, try to show them all of the love that they show you. They're one of the most selfless signs, so cherish a tender and romantic day together where the two of you can connect. Plan a picnic, go to the beach, or enjoy a nice night in a hot tub together.

When you know your Valentine's sign, you can plan the perfect date that suits their attitude, behavior, and needs. By doing this, your date will no doubt end in happiness for both parties involved. This Valentine's Day, show your crush that you care about them on every level, in every way.