Valentine's Day is something I've celebrated for the past three years, soon to be four. Although, two of the four V-Day's have and will be spent with my current lover. When you've been in a serious relationship for a while like I have, things do change, whether you like it or not. Our first Valentine's Day together, my boyfriend took me out to a nice dinner and then a movie and I made him a tie blanket, picture frame and gave him a bunch of candy.

But this upcoming Valentine's Day, I can tell you will not be the same as last year. The romance will slowly die down, but the love you have for each other won't. If you're in a long-term relationship like me, don't you worry if your holiday of love seems a little different.

1. There are no set plans

I remember last year when my boyfriend and I had a whole dinner date planned and a specific movie we were going to go see in theaters... I can't even tell you what we're doing this year, we haven't talked about it once.

2. It's less stressful

This means no worrying about what to wear or if you can squeeze that reservation in to that fancy restaurant. Honestly, a date to McDonald's and I'll consider it a successful Valentine's Day.

3. Less is more

I'd take a back rub and a movie night in the comfort of my own home rather than heart-shaped balloons and a big stuffed teddy bear.

4. Anything works

If my boyfriend plans a nice date out and about, cool. If he has no plans for Valentine's Day, cool.

5. You realize it's just another day

Valentine's Day is just another day. Occasionally my boyfriend and I will go out on a nice date or do something fun, but a whole day doesn't have to be dedicated to doing that type of stuff.

6. Nothing isn't necessarily bad

Last year on Valentine's Day, I got my boyfriend a whole bunch of stuff. A picture frame, a stuffed animal and his favorite candies. And you know what he got me? Nothing. He said it was because my birthday was almost two weeks before, but he did end up promising me a dinner date after that.

As you can see, Valentine's Day will change the longer you date your significant other. So, if your soul mate doesn't get you anything crazy or special on February 14, don't be alarmed. In the end, it's the love, support and the thought that counts to keep relationships strong, not some holiday that happens once a year.

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