I know it hurts. Every interaction you've had throughout the course of the day just piles in your head and sits on your brain like a weight. You second guess every step you take, every decision you make.

You talk yourself out of most things and are afraid to commit to plans because of the possible stress of social interaction and uncertainties, because of your anxiety. You want to make more friends but are constantly afraid that everyone you talk to doesn't like you. Their every look and every word make you tentative of what to say and do next.

I know it gets overwhelming for you. I know you try so hard to do everything right and make everyone happy all the time. I know you always feel like you fall short.

That's just not true.

My boyfriend, my valentine, you're the greatest person I have ever met, and I say that with full confidence. You're so kind, dedicated, funny, and considerate. You care so much about making everyone else happy, and that's a very admirable trait for you to have, but you deserve to be just as happy.

As someone who also struggles with anxiety and mental health issues, I know it hurts. You, my boyfriend, deserve better than your brain makes you feel.

Despite this weight on you mentally, you do everything in your power to make sure that I'm happy and that I'm okay. I've never met someone so concerned with the wellbeing of everyone they meet, and it's one of the many things I love about you.

More than anything, I hope you know how much you're worth, how much you're loved, and how much you matter. I know that sometimes you feel like all of those things are just words that don't actually hold any truth, but you have my whole heart. To me, you are perfect.

You have shown me love and happiness that I never knew I could experience. For that, and for you, I will always be thankful.

You are never, ever alone, because I am here by your side through everything. You're my person, you're my other half, and you're everything I could ever ask for. I will love you unconditionally, no matter what your brain has to say about it.

I know it's hard to realize it at times, but you're just all-around amazing. You're my best friend and the love of my life. I won't ever let a day, or even a minute, go by without reminding you of how great and loved and important you are. I love you.