All too often I hear my friends say the following phrases:

“Why did he view my Snapchat story but didn’t snap me back?”

“How come he liked my Instagram but didn’t text me?”

“He Snapchatted me he wanted to hang out soon, but he still hasn’t texted me.”

My reply to this is; why are you settling for a guy who makes you wait around?

If you’re reading this and thinking “I’m not settling.” “My guy’s great. He’s fun, sweet, cute but just busy.” Or “He just doesn’t like to text.” Or “He hates using his phone.”

Well, I’ve got some good news and bad news.

The bad news is you’re settling. The good news is, there is a guy who is great, fun, sweet, cute, and better then the one you’re with now. Because guys are intentional. And if you haven’t liked what I’ve had to say so far, then the next part is really going to sting.

He may like you and Snapchat you, but that is not enough. He may like you and like your Instagram’s, but that is not enough. Because he may like enough to do those things, that make you sit around with your friends for hours wondering what they “mean.” He may like you, but he doesn’t like you enough to be with you.

Because if a guy likes you, he’ll try and pursue you. He’s never too busy. If he hates texting, he’ll call. If he hates using his phone, then he’ll talk to you in person.

Now, before you close this article in anger at the girl who wrote it (aka me). Hear me out. I am one of you. I have sat around wondering why he wants to snap chat me all day, but never calls. Why he likes my instagrams, but can't text me back. And why I sit there, and wait, for a boy who thinks I'm not enough.

There's a guy out there who thinks you're enough. He'll show it in the way that he knows what songs you love to dance to. He'll show up at your house on a Tuesday with a pizza and your favorite toppings, and he'll buy you flowers on your birthday. He'll meet your parents and love your siblings.

He'll never make you wait, never make you question, he'll never make you wonder. You will know, because guys are intentional.