I'm never going to be a girl that has Tinder; I hate the whole concept of the app. To be completely blunt, I'm not here just to talk to a guy when he deems it convenient with his schedule, I'm not going to be here for a guy when it's late at night and he has nothing else to do, and I'm certainly not here just for their entertainment.

I don't need that sporadic toxic attention.

I feel as though dating in my generation has become an extremely loose term. We have developed an area between meeting each other and dating, which we have labeled as "talking." This could mean we basically are dating, but aren't, we like each other, but are too scared to put a title on it, or we actually do talk to a person a decent amount, but we both are just generally confused on the whole idea of what we really are.

Basically, you've "claimed" someone, but haven't officially "claimed" them.

This concept, along with hookup culture, has caused me to just completely want to avoid any guy that messages or approaches me. I'm not saying that I hate the idea of dating someone, I'm more scared of what a guy's intentions are when talking to me.

I'm not looking to just mess around and waste my time talking to a guy that has no intention of actually wanting some type of future with me. That just isn't who I am.

I'm looking for a guy that gives me that same happy warm feeling I get after watching a movie like "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" or "27 Dresses." I don't particularly look at these movies as giving me an unrealistic expectation about love, more of just something to aim towards.

I just want a guy who will send me good morning texts, do cute gestures, give me the attention I deserve, deal with my awful singing, watch endless Disney movies with me, and ya know, maybe a cute back pocket spin.