Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship may start to see that after at least a year, you get extremely comfortable with each other to the point where common decency is thrown out the window. The longer you two are together, the more weird your bond will become, but it'll be so automatic that neither of you question it.

There's been a point in my life where I felt so comfortable with a boyfriend that I texted him saying “I honestly can't remember the last time I pooped and now I'm freaking out. Is that normal? Should I be worried?" in which he responded, “Girls poop?"

Whether it be discussing bowel movements, plucking each other's pimples or giving each other pet names, there are many weird things that couples do that are only normal when they've been together for a long time.

These are the 10 weirdest habits of long-term couples:

1. Having secret photoshoots

If you're in a long-term relationship at the moment, take a look through the camera roll in your phone right now. There's a good chance you have at least five pictures of your significant other doing something random without even noticing that you were taking off-guard pictures of them.

2. Staring at them in their sleep

As creepy as this sounds, sometimes you like to observe your partner as they doze off peacefully in their sleep. Maybe it’s the way the light from the window that makes them appear angelic that amuses you or maybe it’s the only time when they aren’t talking your head off and you enjoy their silence. Either way it’s still entertaining.

3. Giving each other pet names

I personally have never been a fan of this, but I notice that many couples who have been together for a long time give each other pet names like “honey," “dear," “babe," etc. and only refer to each other with those names instead of their actual names given at birth.

4. Grooming each other

Who knew your significant other would end up being your handy man when it comes to grooming? Do you have that tiny, annoying pimple you need to get rid of before an event or party? Ask your boyfriend to pop it for you. Are you about to leave for a job interview and you need to make a quick booger check? Life up your nose and ask your girlfriend if you have any bats in the cave.

5. Smelling each other 

Aside from grooming purposes, sometimes you’ll have this sudden urge to smell your partner for no apparent reason at all even if it’s after an hour long, sweaty workout session.

6. Burping contests

Usually in a setting where I’m not as comfortable with people, I’ll be polite and apologize or excuse myself if I burp in front of them. This is far from the case when I’m in a long-term relationship though. I feel free to burp any time I want and sometimes I’ll go to the extent of trying to out-burp my man. I lose every time.

7. Using the bathroom with the door open

Some duos don’t mind doing their business on the toilet with the door wide open. Sometimes it can save time during both of their morning routines if they’ve overslept a bit and have to be in the bathroom at the same time.

8. Annoying each other for no reason

No matter how much you love them, purposely getting on their nerves will be hilarious to you sometimes whether it’s tickling them to death in certain body parts, stealing food from their plate, or biting them for the hell of it.

9. Sharing a joint social media account

I usually see this with older, married couples on Facebook and the first question I ask is “I wonder which one cheated?" but in reality there could be many reasons behind why people do this. One of them may not use social media that much and still want to stay in the loop. Others may do it to display a sense of unity.

10.  Sharing a room together

Usually when couples move in together, they share the same bedroom. This may not seem weird on the surface until you realize that the only time you’ve ever shared a room (apart from college) was with a sibling when you were 5 years old. You grow up wanting personal space and individuality and then when you and your partner have a home or apartment together, the idea of living in separate rooms goes out the window.