It's one of those nights, where the days' events are blurry and all you know is that you've got someone on the other end of the phone sweet-talking you and trying to get you to come over. Everything's going pretty well until that person you casually hook up with (a lot) pops the question: "so, uh... what are we?"

At that moment, you don't know if you're being tested to prove your unattachment or your commitment. Do you panic and say, "haha, what do you mean?" or do you ask them, "what do you think we are?" and see where it goes from there.

Whether you're seeing this person for the first time, or you've been "dating" them or just talking, things can get a little weird when they start asking questions or making bold statements about your current "status."

1. "What are we?"

If you and your hookup have only seen each other once or twice, the answer is "nothing." If you've been seeing each other for quite some time and go out in public together and go on dates, the right answer would be, "we're dating" and/or "we're seeing each other."

2. "Do you want to meet my mom?"

Always a tough and uncomfortable question, especially if your hookup lives with their mom! Unless you see this hookup becoming serious, you probably don't want to meet anyone's mom.

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3. "You remind me of my ex."

Ouch, dude. If their ex is psycho and you know it, that means you, too, are psycho. If their ex is still relevant in their life, you are merely a rebound. Just run.

4. "We should take a trip together."

Again, if you've been seeing each other for some time and do couple-type things together, this is something to consider. If you and your hookup have only recently started hooking up and they hit you with this, they're thinking long-term.

5. "Didn't you used to talk to (insert name here)?"

Ahhh, things get weird when your past gets brought up, especially if it's someone that your new hookup knows. It'll either make you cringe, cry, or laugh, and you'll want to immediately move past it.

6. "Why didn't you hit me up today?"

One-night-stand asking you why you haven't messaged them? Awkward. They probably didn't get the hint that it was a one-time deal. Best way to answer is to not answer at all. #sorrynotsorry

7. "Why didn't you snap me back?"

Snapchat has a way of dragging out the douches in all of us. It's annoying to ignore someone's snap notification and if you open it and don't reply, it's problematic. Also, it's hard to reply to a boring snap of someone's ceiling or the same filter on their face.

8. "Why don't we ever hang out?"

Your hookup knows that you two only ever hang out late at night and are never seen out in public together. Things get weird when you're asked to hang out while sober. Is it better to admit that they're just a hookup or that the drama will start if you're both seen out together?

9. "Who's that in your Snap/IG story?"

Ever been out with friends and run into someone you know and immediately snapped or put it on IG? Next day, your hookup will hit you with the "who's that?" when you know damn well that that's someone you have a massive crush on. It's awkward and weird so you make up some story on the spot to spare their feelings.

10. "Is it cool if I hook up with (insert friend's name)?"

Nope. Never. Definitely not okay. You can't hook up with your hookup's friends and they can't hook up with yours. You should never travel within the same circle unless you want to make a poor name of yourself.

But if you #dgaf and nothing can stop you, then go for it.