This article is to all the guys that have ever cheated on a girl.

I want to give you a better look at exactly what happens to a girl when you cheat on her. The things that go through her head, what happens to heart and her overall emotions.

There are so many different stages that girls go through when their significant other tells them or they find out they have been cheated on.

Stage one is when the girl first learns the truth. She will start to feel like her heart is in her stomach, or feel sick- she is shock.

In her mind, she is going through all the reasons you're about to come up with. I made a huge mistake... I'm so sorry... It won't happen again etc. But she still can't wrap her head around the fact that you broke her trust, went behind her back and cheated on her with someone.

Tears will start to fill her eyes and then they come out like a waterfall. Her emotions will be all over the place. She won't be able to decide if she is more angry or hurt that this happened. She starts to ask herself How could this have happened to me? How did I no know this was going on?

She can't begin to understand why in the world someone that she came to trust so much and love could do such a thing to her.Why becomes the question that is engraved in her head. Why did he do it, why me. etc. She will ask you and you won't have an answer for her which almost makes everything worse because these are the questions she has to ask to make sense of everything that's going on.

She starts to hope that it didn't happen and that it was all just a bad dream that she hasn't woken up from yet. She will be in denial. She won't believe that this could happen.

If you're someone that she stays with, that fact that you cheated on her will be the only thing she thinks about.

Every moment that you aren't with her she will be freaking out because she doesn't know where you are or who you could be with. You can say sorry thousands of times but the wont make anything better for her.

Whenever you are together and you pick up your phone to respond to someone she immediately gets angry all over again. Telling her you cheated on her will be the only thing that you are to her for a while.

No matter how many times you tell her that you will never cheat on her again or nothing is going on she wont believe you. You broke all of her trust in you so you are back at square one.

Trust is earned, not given. You have to earn it all over again. So don't expect things to go back to the way they were just because you said I'm so sorry babe, I love you its wont happen ever again.

When you cheat on a girl it not only ruins her trust with you but with any guy that comes after you. She has to rebuild herself after being cheated on. A piece of her was just torn apart because her significant other made a stupid decision.

The pain of being cheated on is so much different than a break up. Breakups take time yes but you get over them. Being cheated on isn't something that girls can just get over.. When she moves on and finally decides to forgive you if she does that the next guy she is with will pay the price because of what you did. She will be worried that it will happen again.

It will take 10x longer to build her trust with someone else now that she was cheated on. Every time her new boy/girl friend leaves she will be worried about what is going on. She will question them more than she ever did with you because she is afraid that it will happen all over again.

Having been cheated on twice by someone I love I know these feelings. I felt like my world had just crashed and it seemed like putting it together was impossible.

After the first time I thought I would give him a chance because it wasn't like him, but it happened again. I had convinced myself that it was my fault, it must have been because he had no reason as to why he cheated on me so naturally that was my first thought.

In some cases the person they cheat on is someone you know, like in my case it was one of my good friends the first time and someone I knew the second time. Its been almost two years since he and I broke things off and I still get worried about being cheated on when I am with someone.

Those thoughts don't go away easily. Rebuilding my confidence, my trust in others isn't easy but I promise its not impossible.

So to all you guys that have or are cheated on someone now, think twice. I don't know about everyone else but I would much rather deal with a break up than being cheated on. Now you know what its like from a girls perspective to be cheated on.

Everyone has heard the phrase "Once a cheater always a cheater" in most cases its the truth.