Sometimes in college, we get a little carried away by the things that grab our attention. Specifically, our significant others. It is important to remember that we have so many things to be thankful for beyond our partners.

Our quality of life is not based on relationship status, but instead on the things that make our lives full. Send a text or make a phone call to the people that make an impact on your life. Thanksgiving is not the time to take things for granted.

This year, don't forget to be thankful for...

1. Your college education

As college women, we are incredibly thankful for our access to education. Although sometimes I dread going to class in the winter, I try to remember the value of education.

2. Your college best friends

There's something special about your college best friends. They've seen you at your worst. They've seen you thrive. They're the people you celebrate your 21st birthday with and drag your drunk ass home from the bar when you've made mistakes. Don't forget to text them from home this Thanksgiving.

3. Making your parents proud

I live to make my parents proud. I push myself in my classes so that my family is will recognize my achievement. It's not about being the best in the world, but I want to be the best in their eyes. My parents sacrificed for my college education and I couldn't be more thankful.

4. Access to a support system

Don't forget to be thankful for all of the amazing people that support you through your education. Your advisors, supervisors, professors, friends and more. Your college community has helped to support you and your education. Non-college students don't always have the same network of attentive individuals.

5. Your campus involvement

Maybe it's your sorority sisters or maybe it's your favorite club, but these folks serve as a relief from the grind of college life. It is important to step away from the classroom with involvement and college wouldn't be as wonderful without your involvement.

6. The professor that changed your life

Our educators have the ability to change our lives. Professors touch our lives when they are passionate about the topics that they teach. For some of us, they're the reason that we've changed career paths or the reason we got our dream jobs.

7. Your ex is no longer in your life

Whether your single like a pringle or wifed up, you can always be thankful for not being with your ex. They are canceled and it is something to celebrate daily.

8. Being politically engaged

College gives you the opportunity to learn about the value of political engagement. I never saw the importance of participating in local elections, until I moved to a small college town.

9. Your bright future

As a future college graduate, your future is endlessly bright. Don't forget to be grateful for all of the excitement to come in your life. You're almost there, finish strong.