I feel like everywhere I go, I'm always seeing, hearing, or reading about what guys like or want in a girl, while we never consider what a girl wants in a guy. Guys want a girl with big boobs, a big booty, and a stomach as flat as a pancake while having a very natural looking face. They want a girl like the ones they see on Barstool or someone like Kylie Jenner, aka, not every girl looks and acts like they do. I rallied some college girls to tell me what they liked best about guys, and every answer I got I can solidly agree with. It's time for the ladies to make a stand for what we want and like.

1. "Confidence" - Kim W.

Confidence in a guy is such a good look.

2. "When he leaves me alone" - Beth R

Sometimes we just need our quality time alone.

3. "Arms" - Colleen B

Nice muscular arms to wrap yourself in are a necessity of cuffing season.

4. "A good, outgoing personality" - Lauren L

If he can get along with anyone then he can get along with your crazy Aunt Karen.

5. "Facial hair" - Carlee W

Nothing crazy, just something chill that makes him look like a logger or something.

6. "A sense of humor" - Elley M

Make me laugh when all I want is to be mad at the world, but can't because you're making a funny face.

7. "Thighs" - Jeanna E

Thick thighs save lives baby, and we love to see it in those gray sweatpants.

8. "Nothing" - Sydnee R

I ship this.

9. "Ability to listen" - Grace B

Major key alert. Girls need someone who will listen to them, and not just interject their opinion because they believe what they think is the only right thing to think.

10. "Calves and if they smell good" - Madelyn H

Sculpted calves and the smell of Old Spice... I'll leave it at that.

11. "Good kisser" - Jess G

Don't overpower us with tongue, be artful, and don't bite our bottom lip off because you think it's hot because it's not.

12. "A nice package" - Briana G

We all love seeing what nice packages you have.

13. "Good taste in clothes" - Kara T

Don't dress like a bum because Kanye says it's cool.

14. "When he has his priorities straight" - Isabella J

Nothing is better than a guy who has his life together, because we don't have time to help you figure it out at this stage in the game.

15. "When he doesn't reply for a long time" - Sydnee R

Ladies love when we get ignored for hours! It's honestly such a turn on we look for in every guy.