Haven't you ever wondered what guys are really looking for when you first meet?

I took it into my own hands to ask 20 guys what catches their attention in a good way during your first interaction. I have to admit that I was shocked by how many responses weren't completely based off of physical attraction. Turns out personality does matter, ladies. Of course, there are still plenty of guys who will only be drawn to your looks first, then how silly and fun your personality is, but don't lose hope. These responses are proof that there are some softies out there—they really do exist.

1. Not awkward

"The way they talk to me has to be right."

So girls, don't let their cuteness distract you. Seriously play it cool and be yourself.

2. Attitude

"It's how they come off right away, a b*tchy attitude is a turn off. Also, that booty."

3. A good sense of humor

"I like a girl who can make me laugh."

4. Happiness

" I look at their smile first, and any trait that resembles happiness."

5. Kindness

Moral of the story, being mean isn't cute.

6. Can hold a conversation

"Obviously physical attraction at first, but further than that if she has a good sense of humor and can hold a conversation with me."

When in doubt, talk it out. Keep him interested!

7. Smile

"The first thing I look for in a girl is a nice smile and sense of humor for sure." Don't be bashful, flash him a big toothy smile.

8. Cohesiveness 

"I guess the first thing that everyone notices is their looks. Then I would say cohesiveness and if their personality fits mine."

Don't force it, but being a good match could go a long way for you.

9. Confidence

"Sense of humor and confidence in herself."

Ladies, don't forget who you are. Make your first impression memorable.

10. Attraction 

"If I'm attracted to them, then their personality."

At least if he thinks your cute, you have a good chance at wooing him with your personality.

11. If they look like a good time

"I look for someone who looks like they like to have fun."

Well don't hold back, be your fun and crazy self and bag him up!

12. Intelligence

Hit the books and they'll come swarming. Well, maybe it isn't exactly that easy, but it's worth a try.

13. Positivity 

"Looks will first catch my attention just because that's the way humans are wired, but after that I would probably say if she has a personality that vibes with mine, can carry on a conversation and is easy to talk to and she is someone who provides more positivity than negativity for me."

14. Eyes

"Her face, but especially the eyes."

15. Nice body

"A good laugh and sense of humor, someone who is funny and smart and has nice eyes. And of course has a nice body"

16. The way you hold yourself

"Appearance and the way people hold themselves."

Be proud of who you are, don't slouch or hide.

17. Takes good care of their skin

"Eyes and smile, and then I look to see if they take care of their skin. Sounds weird. But a girl with nasty teeth or skin that's not taken care of doesn't care."

18. Loyalty

"Adventurous, spontaneity, loyalty, and being a genuine person are at the top for that."

19. Nice laugh

"A good smile and a nice laugh."

20. Having a direction with their life

"Each girl has their own unique personality and beauty characteristics that make them attractive and likable. I'd have to say I don't look for anything specific besides a girl being smart, having a good sense of humor and a direction with their life."