From 'Attitude' To 'A Good Smile,' Here Are 20 Guys Saying What They First Look For In A Girl

Haven't you ever wondered what guys are really looking for when you first meet?

I took it into my own hands to ask 20 guys what catches their attention in a good way during your first interaction. I have to admit that I was shocked by how many responses weren't completely based off of physical attraction. Turns out personality does matter, ladies. Of course, there are still plenty of guys who will only be drawn to your looks first, then how silly and fun your personality is, but don't lose hope. These responses are proof that there are some softies out there—they really do exist.

1. Not awkward

"The way they talk to me has to be right."

So girls, don't let their cuteness distract you. Seriously play it cool and be yourself.

2. Attitude

"It's how they come off right away, a b*tchy attitude is a turn off. Also, that booty."

3. A good sense of humor

"I like a girl who can make me laugh."

4. Happiness

" I look at their smile first, and any trait that resembles happiness."

5. Kindness

Moral of the story, being mean isn't cute.

6. Can hold a conversation

"Obviously physical attraction at first, but further than that if she has a good sense of humor and can hold a conversation with me."

When in doubt, talk it out. Keep him interested!

7. Smile

"The first thing I look for in a girl is a nice smile and sense of humor for sure." Don't be bashful, flash him a big toothy smile.

8. Cohesiveness 

"I guess the first thing that everyone notices is their looks. Then I would say cohesiveness and if their personality fits mine."

Don't force it, but being a good match could go a long way for you.

9. Confidence

"Sense of humor and confidence in herself."

Ladies, don't forget who you are. Make your first impression memorable.

10. Attraction 

"If I'm attracted to them, then their personality."

At least if he thinks your cute, you have a good chance at wooing him with your personality.

11. If they look like a good time

"I look for someone who looks like they like to have fun."

Well don't hold back, be your fun and crazy self and bag him up!

12. Intelligence

Hit the books and they'll come swarming. Well, maybe it isn't exactly that easy, but it's worth a try.

13. Positivity 

"Looks will first catch my attention just because that's the way humans are wired, but after that I would probably say if she has a personality that vibes with mine, can carry on a conversation and is easy to talk to and she is someone who provides more positivity than negativity for me."

14. Eyes

"Her face, but especially the eyes."

15. Nice body

"A good laugh and sense of humor, someone who is funny and smart and has nice eyes. And of course has a nice body"

16. The way you hold yourself

"Appearance and the way people hold themselves."

Be proud of who you are, don't slouch or hide.

17. Takes good care of their skin

"Eyes and smile, and then I look to see if they take care of their skin. Sounds weird. But a girl with nasty teeth or skin that's not taken care of doesn't care."

18. Loyalty

"Adventurous, spontaneity, loyalty, and being a genuine person are at the top for that."

19. Nice laugh

"A good smile and a nice laugh."

20. Having a direction with their life

"Each girl has their own unique personality and beauty characteristics that make them attractive and likable. I'd have to say I don't look for anything specific besides a girl being smart, having a good sense of humor and a direction with their life."

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

Cuffing Season May Have Ended But That Doesn't Mean My Shot At Love Has Gone With It

Hurt leads to happiness, never stop looking for it


This time last month, I thought I'd met a guy who would put an end to my vacant cuffing season. He checked off every box on my list and created new ones to add to it. I was in a daze and things went fast and I was perfectly fine with that. Voices in one ear said be careful, while voices in another said go for it. I let my guard down, and I got played, it's as simple as that. He got what he was after. It stung and it still does. He took a part of me with him through the door, and I don't think I'll ever get that back.

I am still coping, but I'm better than I was when it happened just two weeks ago. I'm ready to get back up on my horse and ride the trail of single life confidently again. Some may say cuffing season is over, but I have to disagree. I refuse to give up on the search for a relationship and neither should you.

Some people find their person earlier than others, and while I am jealous of that, I have to remember to remind myself that there's someone out there for everyone. He's probably figuring out life, just like I am, maybe wondering where the girl of his dreams is. I'll never know what he's up to, but I'm sure he's probably going through or has gone through similar issues. If I give up, and consume myself with the fact that I always end up single and will be forever, I'll never get anywhere in life. I know my worth and the right person will see that and snatch me up. In the meantime, there is no need to just sit around and wait for him to show up.

I'm a work in progress waiting for the mechanic to oil me up and set me free. I'm free, but I want someone to be free with if that makes sense. Yes, I'm struggling with some self-image issues at the moment, but everyone has their struggles. I'm at peace with the woman I am and am proud of how far I've come in my almost twenty-one years I've been on this Earth. You and I, we don't need to be with anyone who's anything less than what we want.

You deserve the moon and the stars and everything that lies beyond. You are priceless, and don't let anyone make you feel differently. Relationships are meant to develop as their destined to, so forcing anything won't work in anyone's favor. That being said, be open and honest with who you talk to, and let yourself be hurt. Hurt leads to happiness, whether we see it that way at the moment or not.

I've had my moments of hoping that boy will message me again, professing how sorry he is, and asking for another chance. I'm a forgiving person, so I try and hear everyone out, even if it's against my better judgment. I know that this trial is just leading on to someone better, and I refuse to let myself give up because a few busybodies think cuffing season is over.

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Having A 'Talking Stage' Proves Why Millennials Just Suck At Dating

Because who actually "commits" in 2019?


As a millennial who is currently in college, I've noticed that dating isn't how it used to be like back in 1995. We are the generation that can't live without our phones, are tech-savvy, and sadly, the ones who suck at dating.

This is not another bitter article because I "don't have a man," or I'm "jealous of what people have." In fact, I am actually in a good place and I am speaking on behalf of what I've seen. I'm tired of my friends coming up to me crying because their "man-who-isn't-really-their-man" isn't acting right.

I've seen more friends with benefits and flings rather than relationships.

Maybe I'm different, but I can't imagine just being around someone only to have sex. After a while, that gets extremely boring and if you have nothing else to offer, you just get "ghosted" instead of telling that person how you really feel.

See, in my opinion, that's the problem with this generation. Sex is considered meaningless now and it is basically easy to get. With all of these dating apps swirling around, it's almost impossible to avoid it. People would rather have meaningless sex than get to know a person and commit. It's like every time the word "commitment" or "relationship" is brought up, that person runs away. But they're so comfortable to have sex.

What really irritates me is that after two weeks, a lot of guys, in particular, get mad when a girl asks him to get rid of his "hoes" or "other girls he's talking to," but still expect a girl to drop their pants after talking to them for two hours.

That's another thing too. Let's talk about the "talking stage." So basically, by INFORMAL definition, the "talking stage" is basically when two people just TALK before dating. Did you make a face yet? Because that exists now. But seriously, talking about WHAT honestly? Don't you do that when you're I don't know, DATING? And even during the talking stage, people still have sex, which makes no sense to me. You guys aren't dating but you're not dealing with anyone else. In fact, they'll get mad when you're hooking up with someone else. And when you start to catch feelings, it ends with "Oh, I'm not ready for a relationship right now."

So what exactly are we doing then?

Wasting my time?

Imagine filling out a relationship status on a ballot or something and the options are; "single," "married," "widowed," or "we're talking." And no, that's not what "it's complicated" is for.

It's sad because I feel as if this generation forgot how to love again. There are many people who are currently in relationships who are lucky. But for the rest of this generation, people would rather bang it out then talk it out. And people would rather "talk" than "date." I mean, what's wrong with both? If you're happy with what you are doing, then do what ever you want girl! If you are in this situation and you're unhappy, then what exactly do you want? Attention is nice, but after a while, if that person isn't really fulfilling your needs, what's the point of being with them then?

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