As 2019 comes to a close, avid TV watchers have lots in store for them in the coming months, so the new year will already be off to an entertaining start. Disney+ is huge now and there are so many new streaming services it's hard to keep up. Along with those though we'll get to watch what's bound to be a new fan-favorite date show just before we ring in 2020.

This show, "Flirty Dancing" will air on Fox on December 29 and based on the trailer, you will DEFINITELY want to watch. The show, which is set to be hosted by Jenna Dewan, allows different couples to meet for the first time via, you guessed it... choreographed dances!

It looks SO GOOD and I cannot wait to watch!

As you probably gathered, the premise of the show is two people meeting on a blind date, but with a twist. Two strangers learn the choreography for a routine separately (with "practice partners") and then come together to perform it on their first date. They know they've found their other half when their partner knows the same dance as they do. And the results are absolutely magical.

Just watch this dance and try not to melt:

It's definitely an interesting concept and it'll be cool to watch it play out. I do wonder though how exactly they're all so good at blindly dancing with a stranger. Do you have to have dance experience to be able to come on the show? Is there an audition? Or, if not, what other criteria (besides being single) are required to be on the show?

All questions aside, though, I'll definitely be watching on December 29 when it airs! Who else is with me?

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