In this day and age, romance seems like a foreign concept to many of us. What is exactly romance now? Do we still have that idyllic picture in our heads of milkshakes and burgers at the local diner or the movie drive-in date? Or has romance somehow evolved into something more? Is it just about dating now or is it more about the person you're choosing to date? I asked 20 people what romance was to them and here are their answers.

1. "A best friend."

2. "Someone knowing what you like and doing stuff just because they care for you."

3. "A fling with a frat boy."

4. "Doing something thoughtful for someone or when your significant other does something for you that is customized or personal to you for what you like or are interested in."

5. "Truly feeling loved and being comfortable with your significant other."

6. "Farting in front of each other."

7. "Understanding your love language and acting on it."

8. "When they give you the last of their fries. Or when they know your Chipotle order by heart and bring it to you."

9. "When my boyfriend started squeezing my hand three times after I showed him "New Year's Day" by Taylor Swift...

Basically, it means he's here for the long road."

10. "Romance can't be forced. It's something that doesn't necessarily happen when you're in love, but at least when you're well on the way...

For me, it's the culmination of wanting to make the person I'm with truly feel as special as I possibly can. Stripping away all the arguments, the bickering, and insecurities between us and getting lost in that other person."

11. "Hmm well, I think it is different for everyone. But to me, it is being made to feel special. I want to go out on a date. It doesn't have to be fancy, but something that lets you have quality time and focus on each other...

I want to know that I'm important for me to be in their life. I really like the little things, so when I was dating my ex, I always wished that just once he would make me dinner for when I got home from work or would help me with something without making me feel guilty for asking for the help. Bringing home flowers or something small just show to that I was thought about."

12. "On the surface, I think of romantic acts and things. Jane Austin novels, a cabin in the woods with a cozy fire, chocolate of course!

But as I think more about it, I think romance is that giddy feeling you get when you're so excited to talk to someone or to interact with them."

13. "To me, romance means being physically, emotionally and mentally connected with someone."

14. "I think being able to connect both mentally and physically. You can't just have one and expect something that lasts. 

Romance is sitting on your couch with someone, talking about anything and everything and realizing how much you love to hear what they say, how they say it and also understand it. You don't need the dark lit restaurant and the perfect slow music, you need the connection with someone-no matter the location."

15. "Romance is being able to have fun with another person without having to worry or concern over anything else...

For example, I always talk about how much I love my 'island husband' because when we go on trips, he and I forget work and everything we would normally be stressed about and we are able to truly have fun with each other."

16. "Romance to me is when another person shows through efforts that you are the most important person in their life in that moment. They make you feel feel special, secure and honestly, high on life...

If I'm thinking about the relationship with my future husband, I would include that they would be my best friend and that there is a connection on a deeper level than any other. Our souls were meant to meet."

17. "Romance to me is putting the other person first, and being selfless. Their happiness is your happiness."

18. "I think there are many forms of romance, but I am the most in love with my boyfriend when he loves me despite all my flaws. When he makes me feel important when I don't even feel deserving of it...

I think that love is putting effort to be together and make special moments in the time you get to see each other."

19. "Hmmm, this makes me think. I'd say romance to me is remembering the little things and always being able to have fun and laugh with your person!"

20. "Romance is doing things to make your significant other extremely happy just because you want to see them smile like a goon."

Everyone is different in their opinions of what romance is to them. We each desire different things, but overall we all desire to be with the person that makes us happiest of all. We each have our own individual ways of saying "I love you" and that is the greatest part of love.