Yes, I'm not 20 yet and I'm already in a serious relationship. For me, it's been three years since I've met the person that I'm convinced was meant for me. Yes, I am young, but that shouldn't stop me from being in love. My relationship gives me more happiness than anything else in my life.

Here's a little bit of what being in a young, serious relationship is like.

It's like being on a rollercoaster.

Every relationship is a rollercoaster, but being young and in a serious relationship has more ups and downs in my opinion. You have to navigate through all of the things that comes with becoming an adult while maintaining a relationship. I know it doesn't sound hard, but it really is. You both probably aren't stable in your life yet, probably still living with your parents, so you're both becoming adults together.

It's eye opening.

At a young age, I've discovered what love actually is. It's not just having someone to hug at the end of the day or someone to have dinners with. Well it is, but the most important is having someone who you share a deep connection with, even if you're younger than the social "normal" age to be in love.

It's like being under a spotlight.

Because being in love at a younger age isn't "normal" to everyone, it constantly feels like people are waiting for your relationship to fail. That's why it's important to find out who supports the two of you and shut out the people who don't because if you're confident in your relationship, you don't nee anyone else's' opinions.

It's like you're starting your life a little earlier.

Even though we're young, we still think about the future. Some may think we're crazy for talking about our future family and where we want to live when we graduate college, but it's our lives. We know what we want for the rest of our lives and that's OK. Things can still change, but we have a plan that we would love to carry out.

I may be young, but I know what I'm doing. If I didn't think this relationship was going to work out in the end, I wouldn't be in it. But I have faith, and even though we're both young, I wouldn't trade this relationship for anything, even if it was finding each other later on in life. I'm thankful for my young, serious relationship.