If you're having recurring doubts, it's time to sit back and read into it. No, don't overthink it. That's something I'd definitely do, so easier said than done, but just take a deep breath and if you feel that one tiny squeak deep down in your body that says something is off, then something is off.

It's not your period. It's not the stress from school. It's not what anybody says. It's your gut telling you something.

If there was a second that you were worried if he loves you or not, then you're not feeling it. There is no need to backtrack and think when this itsy bitsy hunch came about. It doesn't matter what happened. It doesn't matter how stupid or insignificant. If you're questioning something, then you've got some trouble.

I don't want to hear about a pros and cons list.

Love doesn't work like that. And if it did, that would suck, the romance would be buried in a dark hole and never seen again.

But, I get it. Deciding is the worst part. Making decisions that will personally impact you and your world, isn't a piece of cake. I'm not going to stand here and tell you that it's one, two, three—easy peasy. But, don't be afraid of this step.

It doesn't matter if you've been together for three months, one year, or five. If you think, "Oh! Maybe it'll get better, I just have to give it some time." No! You don't have time to waste. There will never be a good time to say goodbye, but you have no reason to be scared of being alone. You'll always have yourself and you're more than enough.

Do I believe in giving people chances? Duh. Do I believe that, in general, our generation has a fear of commitment (count me in, as well!) and that we are too brusk with swiping from one person to another? Yup. But, if you're with someone and you've been walking around with this blah sense inside of you, you don't have to ask yourself if this is a good relationship. You already know it isn't. You're not happy and it's time to find you a big bucket of glee.

You can't run away from your heart telling you something isn't right. And, if you try, it will only burn hotter later on.