Tinder and Bumble have been downloaded on my phone for a good couple of months now. I've been a busy bee checking out the guys in my area to see if I have a connection with any of them. I must say, these last few months have really shown me just what type of guys there are out there in the dating world. I've experienced all types of surprises while on Tinder and Bumble, both good and bad.

Here are a few things I've learned to watch out for when swiping left and right — things that you'll likely run into too if you're on a dating app:

1. The guy who always brings up his private parts.

Here's an actual conversation between a guy and me on Bumble.

Me: "Where are you from?"

Him: "Pewaukee."

Me: "Oh cool! I go to school in Milwaukee."

Him: "Where at?"

Me: "UW Milwaukee."

Him: "Oh cool! So real talk, I'm pretty drunk and kind of horny. Want to snap? I'll show you all eight inches."

2. The one who is actually hundreds of miles away.

It's telling me you live seven hours away... how did we match when my radius is 50 miles?

3. The person who's on vacation.

The amount of times this happened to me is more than I can count. Just when I think I find a cute guy I want to get to know, I come to find out he's only here for a couple of days on vacation.

4. The catfish.

If you don't know what catfishing is, it's when someone pretends to be someone else online. I wouldn't say I've been catfished three times while I've been on Tinder and Bumble, but I've matched with three guys who have turned out to be fake. And since I'm an avid lover of the show "Catfish" on MTV, it's pretty easy to call when one out.

5. The guy only looking for hookups.

Don't feel bad when a guy directly says he wants nothing more than just a one-night stand of some sort... it's kind of what Tinder is known for. But if that's not for you, Bumble offers something where you can specifically say whether you're looking for a relationship or just something casual.

6. Your next BFF.

Honestly, I've matched with some guys in the past who actually became good friends of mine since we didn't feel a connection. You can really meet some potentially good friends through Tinder and Bumble!

7. The single one actually looking to go on dates.

A lot of people associate these dating apps with hookups, but that's not always the case.

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