Dear Future Husbands,

1. We enjoy alone time.

We enjoy time to read a book without someone peering over our shoulder, or a run without someone competing with us the entire three miles, or just laying down and napping. Don't get me wrong, we love being with you, but we need alone time to replenish ourselves.

2. We're sappy romantics.

We adore walks on the beach, strolls through downtown, you opening our car door, sending us flowers at work, or anything a romance novel has described.

3. Tell us we're pretty.

Or gorgeous, or beautiful, or cute, or flawless, or anything that relates to those wonderful words.

4. We like surprising you but surprise us, too.

Please surprise us, shock us, excite us, make us feel like the most special girl in the world.

5. Cook for us.

Two wonderful things come out of this, one, we get to see our man in the kitchen (or on the grill), and two, food.

6. Let us live our own lives outside of the relationship.

This is common sense; we are not going to be with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a job, friends, family, hobbies, and so much more going on. We also don't need you to check up on us every hour of every day. So please, let us live a life outside of our relationship.

7. We enjoy the little things.

Little things like flowers, the "I love you's," the cute note you left before work, the last cookie you left just for us, putting the toilet seat down for us, etc.

8. We aren’t afraid to get dirty.

I don't mean this in a sexual way at all. I mean yard work, doing mud runs, having a water balloon fight, things like that.

9. Let us be one of the guys every once in a while.

Being one of the guys is nice for the girls that grew up with brothers or boy cousins because it feels like home. Don't be surprised when we keep up with the guys too, whether that's with conversation, car talk, or how much we eat/drink.

10. Take us on dates.

Yes, dates after marriage are a must. It's how you keep your romance alive and get to know your partner more and more.

11. Traveling must be on your to-do list.

This one isn't for everyone, but if you know traveling is on your partner's to-do list, then by all means, do a little traveling with them.

12. If you have a busy day, just let us know.

Seriously, listen to the phrase, "communication is key" and repeat it over and over and over again until you fully understand it. Once you've done that, apply it to your everyday life.

13. Kids are in our future.

This could mean little humans, or puppies, or kittens, or even lizards, just know we'll want to take care of something besides ourselves or you in the future. Let's be honest, it's in our nature.

14. We want your honest opinion with things.

Honesty is a big deal breaker in a relationship. With honesty comes trust, if we trust you, we'll tell you things you probably don't want to hear. But to be honest with you, you have to be honest with us. Even if it's an opinion we don't agree with.

15. Don’t be afraid to tell us when we’re wrong.

Most girls like to win arguments or simple debates because we like being right. That doesn't mean tell us we're right even when we're obviously wrong. Call us out, because I can guarantee if the tables were turned, we wouldn't hesitate to tell you, you're wrong.

16. We will fight, but it will be OK.

Fighting is good in a relationship because it means we have differences and are passionate about them. It will be okay though because we will learn from past fights and hopefully not makes those same arguments again.

17. We will always love you.

Enough said.

Your Future Wives