Relationships become big parts of our lives when we hit adulthood. This is considered the time when relationships become serious by moving in together, getting a pet together or getting engaged and loving every moment of it. But for some people, that's not always the case.

I asked and these girls admitted to me when that one short moment hit where they realized their relationship needed to be over.

1. Lab partners

"My boyfriend at the time was in a biology class and they had partners they worked with out of class. My boyfriend was partners with this girl every single week and I didn't really think much of it until I walked in on them in his apartment with her hand down his pants."

2. Grind fest

"I was out with my friends and I thought I saw my boyfriend at the same bar. I started to walk towards where I thought I saw him. Turns out I was right, he was there but he was grinding with some other girl."

3. Unfair

"I was dating a guy for almost two years. Our relationship was good, but I knew I could start feeling my feelings diminishing. I told him I wanted a break for a little while so I could figure out what I wanted. I ended up talking to a new guy at this time and then realized I needed to break things off because what I was doing was not fair to my boyfriend."

4. Jealousy no more

"I'm the jealous type. I used to get super jealous whenever my boyfriend would bring up past flings or relationships where I'd be mad for days. One day I just stopped being jealous and eventually I realized I didn't like him anymore."

5. Messy life

"We moved in together and he was the messiest person ever. He'd leave dishes everywhere, his clothes all over the floor and would leave food out. I knew I couldn't keep going forward with our relationship if I couldn't live with him forever."

6. Love isn't in the air

"When I couldn't say 'I love you' without cringing because I knew I didn't mean it anymore."

7. Swipe left

"My friends told me they saw my boyfriend on Tinder. I didn't think much of it because I know sometimes people can still be on there if they didn't deactivate their account and just deleted the app. Until one of my friends matched with him and ended up messaging her if she wanted to come over and 'release some stress.'"

8. Bail

"Whenever my boyfriend and I made plans, I always wanted him to cancel because I couldn't stand being with him for more than an hour."

9. Secrets don't make girlfriends

"He stopped putting effort into our relationship like not texting me as much or I was the only one ever making plans and he usually cancelled. I found out he had a different girlfriend for two months."

10. Future plans?

"At first, I always thought about my future with my boyfriend like getting married and having kids. As time went on, that feeling went away and I couldn't even picture myself making it with another year with him."

11. Phone scam

"He was very sketchy with his phone. I was noticing small details like how he'd always have it face down or whenever he's receive a notification, he'd quickly turn his screen off. I found out a week later that he was cheating on me with one of his best girl friends."

12. Words hurt

"I deal with a lot of mental illnesses, especially anxiety. My boyfriend at the time and I started arguing and it got so heated that he blurted out, 'no wonder no one would ever love you, you're too messed up in the head.' That still sticks with me."

13. Straight to voicemail

"Whenever my phone vibrated, I didn't was it to be him."

14. Family matters

"I felt weird kissing him. Whenever he wanted to kiss me goodbye or anything like that, it almost felt like I was kissing a family member. I knew I had to cut it off at this point."