5 Questions To Ask Yourself When You're On The Fence With A Guy

Whether you're contemplating if you want to continue your fling with a guy or contemplating breaking up with your boyfriend, there are always questions we're asking ourselves. Ranging from "is this right of me?" to "is this what will make me happy?" But if you are really sitting on the fence and don't know what to do next, check out these five questions you need to ask yourself if you're torn on what to do.

1. Do I want long term or short term?

This is a huge question to ask. If you're looking to settle down for a while, your guy may not want that. And it could always be the other way around as well. Make sure to decipher this with him so you both know what you want and no one gets a broken heart.

2. Can I see myself marrying this person?

I know this is a bold question to ask, especially if you're not dating. But really thinking about if you can see yourself with them for a long time can make it or break it. But say you're dating and you're on the fence of deciding you want to break up with them or not, think about if you can see yourself saying "I do" to them, and if you can't, let him go.

3. Can I see myself living with them/how do they live?

I've seen many people get engaged and move in together and later call it quits due to the way their partner lived. If you've been getting to know your guy for a while now and notices he lives like a pig, you may have to wonder if you'd be cleaning up those messes in the future.

4. How do they make me feel?

This question in a no brainer. If they make you feel bad, why even question continuing into the relationship.

5. Are they worth it?

Is he worth it? I know I have had some experiences when I was on the fence with a couple of guys and I've had to ask myself the same question. And when I'd question if he was worth it or not, my gut feeling always came out right. If you're looking to keep him around, always ask yourself if he's worth it.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

8 Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Debating Whether You REALLY Like Him, Or Just His Attention

Do you feel guilty when you flirt with other people?


Sometimes, we find ourselves head over heels for a person. They seem to be perfect and you want more than anything to be with them. Other times, we find ourselves head over heels for attention — just longing for someone, anyone to give us good morning and good night texts, to listen to our rants, and to hold a Snapchat streak with.

I know I'm not alone when I say that sometimes I started to have feelings for people just because I enjoyed the attention they gave me. It's not the greatest feeling, but when you're so used to being alone, it's hard not to fall for someone giving you the attention you deserve.

However, at some point you have to ask yourself the question — do you really like him, or do you just like the attention? If you find yourself debating this, before you give it an answer, ask yourself these eight questions as well.

1. Do you care about him as a person?

If you find yourself having to fake interest in what he's telling you, you may not really like him and may just enjoy the attention he's giving you instead. If you truly like someone, you will care about them as a person and you will care about everything they tell you. You won't have to fake any of it.

2. Do you feel guilty when you flirt with other people?

If you don't, you probably don't like him as much as you think. You're probably more attracted to the attention he gives you.

3. Do you find yourself clung to your phone, wondering when he'll Snap or text you back?

This means you're probably more attracted to the attention. Unless you are talking about something ~super serious~, you can wait a few minutes for a reply and it's no biggie. Constantly holding your phone in your hand wondering when you'll get a reply isn't the most authentic kind of connection.

4. Did you start developing feelings quickly?

Most of the time, when you catch feelings very quickly, it's because you're attracted to the idea of having someone in your life. It doesn't really matter who it is, you're just thankful there's someone there to give you attention.

5. How well do you know this person?

Do you know a lot about him, or just the basics?

6. What are your conversations like?

Similar to #5, do your conversations run deeper than small talk? Are you really getting to know each other, or just talking to fill time?

7. Can you see the two of you getting into a relationship?

If you really like him, you're going to see potential for a relationship developing. If not, you're probably just thankful for the attention.

8. Is this a rebound?

Are you using this guy just to feel better as you get over the last person you dated? If so, I hate to break it to you, but you probably don't actually like him. You're just using him to fill a void.

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Stop Saying Your Friend 'Chose' Her Boyfriend Over You, The Pity Party Is Over

Your inability to be happy for others is getting old.


First, let me start by saying that SOMETIMES this is what happens and you do get booted. However, most of the time when that happens your friend is in an unhealthy relationship and is being cut off from friends and family. If that is the case, you should get over yourself and be more concerned about your friends' safety and health than if you got “chosen" or not. If your friend has an awesome boyfriend and still outright disregards you and your feelings and chooses her boyfriend over you, then she was not your friend in the first place.

Now that that's cleared up, let's talk about how we as people should be kind and supportive and genuinely happy for those we claim to love.

So your friend that you do everything with got a boyfriend, things are going to change.

It's part of growing up. Your friendship dynamic is going to change. Instead of spending all weekend from Friday night to Sunday night together binge-watching Netflix and eating junk food you might only get a Saturday lunch and movie, a mani/pedi sometime during the week, or a late night hour-long phone call. Don't be bitter, don't try and make your friend feel guilty or even try to cut your friend out of your life just because you're not getting the attention that you want. Your friend cherishes your friendship and the guilt trip can make her feel so terrible about the fact she loves a boy and wants to spend time with him.

When you guilt your friend for spending time with her boyfriend, you become the one who chooses someone else over the friendship. You choose your own personal selfishness over the happiness of your friend.

You break your friend's heart when you give them this guilt trip.

She thought you wanted her to be happy, but now she feels miserable. She wants to be there for you but your angry, selfish bitterness is pushing her away, and the sad part is she feels it's her fault. Don't make your friend feel this way.

Your friend still wants to be your friend, she just now has someone she loves differently than she's ever loved someone before.

This person, her boyfriend, holds an extremely special part of her heart and has the potential to be her forever person, her future husband. Give them the space and peace of mind, knowing that you're supporting her through it all, to discover this!

The truth is, your friend wants to choose you both but you're the one who is not allowing her to do that. Examine your actions and thoughts and how you're treating your friend before you exclaim she was the one who ended the friendship.

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