When you think of your future wedding, what do you think of? Some would say planning it all down from the perfect dress to how the table cloths match the napkins. Oh right, and the groom is in there somewhere. Many women, however, not only see it as the day they marry the man of their dreams but a preparation for that special day and the rest of their lives together.

We see weddings everywhere through celebrities, mutual friends, or family. There’s something pretty special about two people saying “I do” for a lifetime of love and happiness. This is why women like to plan for quite a while.

Some special ladies are lucky enough to have their high school sweethearts as their “forever and always,” or were lucky enough to date their “someone special” for years and now is finally deciding on their happily ever after as well. But, if you think about it, some young women in this world haven’t had too much experience with relationships. Some of them might not even know what love is, mainly because they were barely ever shown it. This results in watching chick flicks, eating ice cream out of the carton, and spending way more time on Pinterest than we need to. Yes, you read that right. Pinterest made our wedding dreams become a reality. We have a whole board pinned with ideas just for our wedding, even if the groom hasn’t shown up yet. Dozens of dress ideas, photography pose ideas, how to budget the entire thing; we have it all. These boards will be used so much, and we will promise you all the time we spent looking for ideas will be worth it. Besides, this will most likely bring our bridesmaids closer than ever, mainly since we all get to see each other’s ideas and how to make this wedding the best day ever for us and our future husbands.

Love songs on the radio have also influenced our wedding obsessions. We fall hard for the lyrics we hear blasting through our headphones, and how one day we will hear things like that from the men who fell for us in the first place. We day dream a little too much, but there’s nothing wrong with it, and we aren’t embarrassed to blush over the things that make my hearts happy.

Gentlemen, here us out. We are women. We can’t help obsessing over the cute center pieces we made by hand, or how creative we made the invitations. It’s hard for us to contain our excitement over the simple fact that this one day will start the rest of our lives together as husband and wife. We have been dreaming of this day our whole lives and can’t help but love you forever because you chose us to be your bride.

In the future, I hope you’re prepared to get an earful about your special day with the woman you love. But for now, I hope that next time a wedding is mentioned or attended, you witness her face light up when she talks about her idea of the perfect ceremony and reception after being a part of someone else’s, or how happy that future spouse she’s been dreaming of will make her. Who knows, it could be you..