There are a million reasons why girls like taller guys, and while it does vary from girl-to-girl, here are the most popular reasons (both big and small) for why dating a tall guy is optimal:

1. Forehead kisses.

Having a guy bend down to give you a kiss on your forehead, or on the top of your head? UGH. It's the sweetest thing ever, it'll just make you turn red and melt into a puddle of warm and fuzzy feels. Ladies, am I right?

2. Bigger clothes to share.

Fellas, the bigger the sweatshirt, the more we love it. Girls are both famous and infamous for borrowing — often stealing — oversized shirts and sweatshirts from boys. And tall boys, if you're willing to share, we will gladly take any sweatshirts off your hands and wear them, because 1. they smell like you, 2. they're big and comfy, and 3. they remind us of you if we wear them when you're not around.

3. Being little spoon.

Don't get me wrong, we love to cuddle you, and we even like to be the big spoon sometimes, and yeah, sometimes we'll complain about getting squished, but we LOVE being the little spoon. Being snuggled around and wrapped in the arms of the person we care about the most? It's the ultimate form of a hug. There's nothing quite like it.

4. Getting carried.

There's a reason people flirt by giving piggy-back rides or playing chicken in the pool! Getting picked up and carried around by a guy gives us both a rush and a sense of comfort at the same time. It's the feeling of knowing that your man is big and strong and can literally sweep you off your feet. *Cue more melting*

5. Tiptoe kisses.

Now, I realize I am in more and more danger of getting all mushy and romantic as this article progresses, but this needs to be said, so if that happens, it happens. This one is definitely more of the 'cute factor' because there isn't really an explanation as to why girls love when a guy bends down to give you a kiss, and you have to get up on your tippy-toes, other than it's just plain cute. Like, it's cute as fuck.

6. Feeling protected.

Now, to the more scientific explanation. In studies, it's been found that a majority of women prefer to date men who are taller than they are because it makes them feel secure and physically protected, and this is often attributed to our inner biology, where internal, primal instincts tell some of us that a man who is physically bigger than us, is better equipped to keep us safe.

7. Bear hugs.

OK, last one, I promise! But ladies, you know what I'm talking about. Having a pair of big arms wrapped around you, from the front, or especially from behind? Close your eyes and imagine it, and you can literally feel the warmth spreading from your chest all the way down to your fingertips.

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