Coming from the most single girl you'll ever know, cuffing season comes with a lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress on top of all the stress that comes from school and homework in the fall.

Because I am so perpetually single, cuffing season, which is when most of my friends get boo'd up for the holidays, is just a big slap in the face, because I can never find anyone who is remotely interested in me for anything other than a hookup or a one-night-stand.

I have spent every cuffing season in high school, college, and (let's face it) my whole life, hoping someone special would come into my life just in time so that the holidays wouldn't feel so lonely, especially since I go to school so far away from my family that I can't even spend it with them!

But even if I'm talking to someone when cuffing season rolls around, they always 'make like Halloween' and ghost.

And you know what, it might be just me because I seem to only attract boys with severe emotional issues who can't commit. Because every year, without fail, a bunch of my friends find someone to sweep them off their feet, and more often than not, they stay together past cuffing season!

Now, if you've read this far, you probably think I only hate cuffing season because I'm single.

However, my dislike of this socially constructed season is rooted in its existence alone. Why do we need another reminder that those of us who are not only alone but lonely, are all by ourselves? Being alone is one thing, but being lonely? That hurts. The holiday season, from Halloween to Valentine's Day, is hard enough when you have no one special to spend it with, so labeling this span of five months is just a yearly reminder that you're all alone and it can feel almost cruel.

So to all my other singles out there, stick together! It might be rough as hell, but you'll make it through this cuffing season, just like you have every year before.

And who knows, maybe this year (or the next) will be your not-so-lonely holiday season.

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