It's officially the season of arguably the most disputed zodiac sign of all: the Scorpio.

Personally, I tend to have my reservations about how much people should look into astrology, but I will admit that every Scorpio I have met, including myself, tends to have the fixed qualities Scorpios are supposed to have. Also, every person I know who studies astrology seems to have the same experience of knowing Scorpios to be true to their conventional traits. Though the fiery traits of Scorpios often make them misunderstood, Scorpio women will make you crave them like a drug, and here's why.

1. They are some of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet

Scorpio women may be looked upon as "psychotic" but in reality, they're just very expressive. When they feel an emotion, they don't just feel it, but they endure it in its entirety. They feel it in their bones and it seeps through their blood. They don't accept passiveness or laziness from partners, because it's not in their nature to let mediocrity slide.

2. They are in touch with their sexuality

Each zodiac sign is believed to have a body part that rules over them. Scorpios are ruled by their reproductive system, sex organs, and bowels so this contributes to the sexual aura that flows from their body naturally. They embrace their sexual desires and they aren't afraid to communicate them. They are givers in bed, but they are certainly not afraid to take control of their own pleasure as well. They have a strong sex drive that lacks any inhibitions, so if you date a scorpio woman then trying new things sexually isn't something that just happens every once in a blue moon. It's standard. Also, sex for them isn't just about the act. They'll make sure it's a cosmic experience up to the point where the lovemaking becomes an addiction.

3. They protrude a certain ~je ne sais quoi~

This French term refers to someone who has a certain quality about them that cannot be explained. When referring to Scorpio women, you'll most likely discover that even when you think you know enough about them, you'll find out that you actually know nothing about them at all. They're enigmatic and have a way about them that makes you comfortable enough to tell them your deepest darkest secrets without knowing any of theirs. They know how to give you enough to make you interested, but conceal enough to leave you wanting more.

4. They are selective

Scorpio women aren't the type to fall in the hands of anyone who gives her attention. It may take up to months and maybe even years before she finds a new suitor who meets her standards. Just know for certain that if a Scorpio chooses you then it's not out of a fleeting act of desperation. If they choose you it's because they truly want you.

5. You’ll never get bored with them

Let's face it. Scorpios get a bad rep sometimes due to their intensity, vindictiveness, and obsessive mature. However, these qualities stem from their deep love for their mates. Not that this is an excuse for acting upon negative qualities, but at least with a Scorpio you'll never have a passive partner. They won't purposely start a fight, but they aren't afraid of confrontation

6. They are powerful and ambitious

Scorpios have tenacity like no other. Their strong-willed attitude allows them to push themselves and stop at nothing until they accomplish their wildest dreams. Having someone like this as a partner is a great thing because they won't just sit on the sidelines and take on the role of the typical house wife while their partner is the breadwinner. They want someone they can conquer the world with equally.