Right away seeing this title you may be thinking "wow, you materialistic, selfish jerk." I can see why, but that most certainly is not the case here.

The other day I was listening to some old school Katy Perry, specifically her album "One Of The Boys" that came out in 2008. Her song "If You Can Afford Me" came on, and it was one I knew but never really paid that close attention to its lyrics. I had the song on repeat because it gave me an epiphany.

We all have standards, but it's really hard to find someone that is willing to meet them.

We have some people who walk into our lives telling us empty promises, and we end up getting hurt and let down *ahem ahem*... my exes. Even people who you never dated, but just did you dirty in some way. After I heard that song, I had the realization that "no one can afford me yet, and I guess that's why I'm single."

In a way this sounds all "sad girl" and that I'm throwing myself a pity party, but I'm going to shine this in a completely different light.

If you know your worth, are confident (not cocky), and are outspoken, people see your worth. They may not talk about it directly to your face, but they can see it. I heard this saying once "you're the prize, make them want you." This saying and then hearing this song just doubled my confidence in how I feel about where I am with my love life.

I encourage all you single folks to listen to this song because it honestly really gave me confidence, and a mindset boost on where I am with my life, and what I am willing to put myself through.

Either the right person will come, or God has other plans for you. In the end, it really doesn't matter if you end up with someone or not. If you are living the life you have always wanted to live, then cheers to you. I'm too focused on my goals, building myself, and my career to even fathom having a relationship.

But maybe no one can "afford me" yet, so this is why I'm choosing to stay single.

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