42 People Reveal How Their Grooming Habits *Down There* Change During Cuffing Season

It's getting chilly outside and more and more people are dying to cuddle. It's official, cuffing season has begun.

With the wintery weather, flirtationships quickly turn into relationships as you yearn a snuggle buddy to order in Chinese food with and curl up against as you heat your feet by the fire. And as the leaves fall, bikini and short shorts are put away. Hence, you are no longer concerned about your garden and bush that's constantly growing—otherwise known as your pubic hair.

All body hair is different, it can be fine, dark, thick, light, orange, curly, long, stubby, the hairy descriptions go on and on, yet everyone has hair. Yet, grooming routines diverge and no one practice is better or worse. Some have a shaving schedule, some just let it grow out (I wonder how long is the longest pubic hair), and some choose to cut here and there.

Body hair is typical and all-embracing, but what you choose to do with it, is your choice!

It's your own private parts! Any and all ways of upkeep are perfect (as long as it's hygienic). Don't let anyone judge you if you choose to flaunt your armpit hair or leg hair. There's a long list of influencers who would back you up, from Julia Roberts to Madonna to Miley Cyrus to Bella Thorne to Penelope Cruz and many others. Remember when Amber Rose's bush shocked the Internet? #bringbackthebush

To see what college-aged students are doing with their happy trails and bird's nests, I collected responses from both guys and gals of different sexual orientations and relationship stages between the ages of 18-24.

Here are some of their responses:

1. Smooth as a baby

"Bare as a babies butt"–Female, 19-years-old, it's complicated

I hope that it smells as good as a newborn, as well.

2. Ew

"None of my habits change in the winter, but it has nothing to do with my boyfriend. Too much hair gets on my nerves, my legs included, so I shave on a regular basis throughout the year."–Female, 21-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

3. It's a party up in there!

"I do not shave at all! I only shave if I'm going out and wearing a tank top so that when I dance or raise my arms people don't see my armpit hair. My boyfriend and I do long distance so I only really shave if I know I'm going to see him, but other than that I don't see a reason to! Let it all hang out."–Female, 19-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

Dance as if no one is watching, hunny!

4. Not on a grooming timeline

"I get to it when I get to it. My partner doesn't care and it only bothers me after a long time." – Male, 19-years-old, in a new relationship

5. No more bikini line troubles (for the time being)

"Occasional shaving but not actively worried about traumatizing anyone (like at the beach)." – Female, NA, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

Society needs to stop freaking out about body hair–we all have it!

6. Keeping the heat in

"Not really any change. I just keep it natural. If anything, I trim hair less often now that it's less hot out." – Male, 20-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

Sounds logical, hair keeps everything nice and toasty.

7. The lazy lady

"If I'm not seeing him then I don't shave my legs or my vagina, not because it's winter or anything but just because I'm lazy and always in jeans. However, if I have something coming up then I shave it all off (as does he) the idea of hair during sex is just not for me." – Female, 19-years-old, friends with benefits

Procrastination at its finest.

8. Shaving takes time

"I shave whenever I want not based on when my boyfriend wants. In the winter, I go longer without shaving because I'm not wearing a bathing suit. I don't really have like a specific amount of days or anything just whenever I think it's time or when I have time when I'm in the shower." – Female, 20-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

You definitely need to find the extra few minutes for primping.

9. It itches!

"Nope, I shave for me because it's uncomfortable when I get too hairy. Although, I usually only do it once every 2-4 weeks" – Female, 20-years-old, single like a Pringle

Make sure you don't have crabs, also known as pubic lice!

10. It's a balance

"Still kept neat and tidy. Not bald but very trimmed." – Male, 23-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

This guy knows how he likes his genitals primed.

11. Key statement: all for me

"It depends every so often I will shave and trim but normally it's for myself. If I was in a relationship or trying to hook up with people I would probably do it more often, but when single I still groom and trim but won't shave as often." – Female, 19-years-old, on the lookout

The vital steps are the simple groom and trim.

12. Strong opinions

"STILL GROOM THEM." – Female, 20-years-old, single like a Pringle

13. Clean-up

"I still get my Brazilian waxes because you have to keep that up. Plus, it's annoying to have to deal with growing out the hair to get it waxed from the start all over again. My boyfriend and I both like it when it stays cleaned up!" – Female, 21-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

Can we talk about the look we give when the waxing woman is just about to rip?

14. I have to stay sane somehow

"I let it grow because there's no one in my life right now to groom it for, but I do the occasional trim to keep my humanity intact." – Female, 20-years-old, single like a Pringle

Self-grooming is for the self, not anyone else! It's all you.

15. If it's starting to get as long as your head-hair, you've definitely got an issue

"I haven't shaved since the summer but the other day I trimmed a little because it was getting too long" – Female, 19-years-old, single like a Pringle

Does anyone actually disagree?

16. Just trying to stay hygienic 

"Usually trim once a month because that's enough to maintain hygiene. Not worried about grooming down there to impress all that much seeing as I haven't gotten laid in two years. I do it for me because let's be real, who the fuck am I trying to impress?" – Male, 20-years-old, single like a Pringle

I hope you can hit a home run soon.

17. Persistant waxer taxer

"I wax every 4 weeks, no change with the seasons!" – Female, 20-years-old, it's complicated

Pro tip: use aloe vera after each session to cool down the area and alleviate redness.

18. Washing is what really matters

"I shave once every few days but always wash thoroughly. I used to shave every day over the summer, but there obviously is a smaller chance that I'll wear a bathing suit now and my sex friend does not care TBH." – Female, 23-years-old, friends with benefits

19. Here we go again, the bloody buddy is back

"I usually change and clean every day and take two showers when I'm on my period." – Female, 19-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

The monkey has a nosebleed.

20. Getting crazy now and then

"Well, I am in a long distance relationship. I am in college and he is in the military. So really, I am super lazy in the winter with grooming. Personally, I like to be clean and smooth down there but I do let myself go a lot of the times during the winter. Which is nice, but eventually I get annoyed and get it smooth again. When I know I am visiting him soon, I like to pick up the habit of grooming down there so that come to visit time I am already in habit of doing it diligently. He doesn't care what it's like down there. He says it's my body and I can do what I want, so I never feel pressured to do anything I don't want to which is great, so it's really a personal decision on what I do with my grooming." – Female, 19-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

Do what you need to do to feel confident and ready to carpe diem!

21. It's a bother

"If I'm 'involved' with someone I always trim or shave, but honestly I hate doing it. In the summer I'll typically trim just to make sure it doesn't get gross down there when it's too hot, but in the winter when I'm not sexually active? Pssh, who cares? I'll keep it clean and do the minimum." – Female, 21-years-old, on the lookout

No one needs the extra work, headache, and annoyance.

22. Legs for days

"Honestly don't shave my legs unless I'm wearing a dress." – Female, 19-years-old, single like a Pringle

No reason to shave if you're wearing pants!

23. It's a personal preference

"I continue to shave despite the fact that it's winter because I personally don't like body/pubic hair on me and prefer the feel of smooth skin. Sometimes though, when I feel lazy, not in the mood to shave, or it's that time of the month, I'd just let the hair "down there" grow out for a while, but not too much that it gets bushy, because the longer it is then the harder it is to shave it off." – Female, 18-years-old, single like a Pringle

24. Shaving isn't not for everyone

"I don't really shave down there. I did once but I don't [anymore] since I get ingrown hairs sometimes." – Female, 18-years-old, in a new relationship

Damn those pesky hairs!

25. What day is it today?

"Being the organized freak that I am, I try to schedule out when I'm hooking up with someone so I know when to shave and give it three days to grow out a little to be at max comfort. I'll make sure the lady parts are shaved around the edges, but I leave a little on top. It's how I like it, not how HE likes it, duh. But I totally understand that if a lady has a full-on bush, going down on her is probably really gross, so I will be a gentlewoman for my mans." – Female, 23-years-old, friends with benefits

This young woman deserves a round of applause and some chocolate. If she's this on top of her vag, imagine how managed the rest of her life is!

26. Mood-booster

"I just got out of a relationship where I would usually stay pretty clean shaven unless it was a super busy time (she didn't mind), but now that I'm basically single and only hooking up on the rare occasion, I usually shave maybe once a month. It's for me, it makes me feel more put together and in control of my body, but since I'm not with someone, I don't stay up on it as routinely, just when I have time and need a pick me up." – Female, 20-years-old, it's complicated

One of the best feelings is right when you shave and come out of the shower. You feel so... clean.

27. The pros and cons

"I always shave down there. I don't like the feeling of having a hairy bush. I especially groom down below if someone else will be taking a peek inside of my 'temple.' However, I do get red bumps sometimes after shaving, and it becomes more irritating than having the bush." – Female, 22-years-old, on the lookout

28. Self-heater

"Girl, I am not shaving. He better get used to me being hairy because it keeps me warm. My skinny ass barely makes its own heat." –Male, 19-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

These dudes really know what they are talking about.

29. Always

"I always try to stay 'groomed.' But since my boyfriend doesn't live here I don't shave until like the day before he gets in town and it gives me a break and I don't have as many razor bumps or itch. But definitely always always always slick and shaved and clean!" – Female, 21-years-old, in a new relationship

30. Too much is too much 

"They haven't changed, I still do not groom down there unless it gets out of hand." – Male, 20-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

There reaches a point when something must be done.

31. The best of 'Kim Possible' was Rufus, duh

"I was lasered a while ago so I'm just like a naked mole rat." – Female, 19-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

32.  My no-no zone

"Not at all, I don't really shave down there and I still don't." – Female, 19-years-old, single like a Pringle

Now that's what some may call a furburger.

33. It's a nude Christmas

"I literally only shave if I plan on seeing my boyfriend and getting some D. We live an hour away so I keep it bare for Christmas break, but January to February I'll only shave like once or twice when he comes to visit me." – Female, 20-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

34. A porn star in a sauna

"I just trim them because I come from Asia where grooming your pubic hair is considered weird unless you're a porn star. When I came to the US, I realized most people either shave or trim their pubic hair, but I didn't want to completely shave them just in case I ended up going to a public sauna with my family members (my culture has public saunas where you get butt naked with people of the same-sex) because they will think something is up. Other than that, I don't do anything. I know some dudes put lotion down there in the winter and shit, but my only grooming is trimming them. Oh, I don't touch the butt hole hair, just down to the balls area." – Male, 22-years-old, friends with benefits

So that's what makes a porn star.

35. Keeping your beaver hydrated

"I don't shave as much down there, but [I use] moisturizer more!" – Female, 18-years-old, friends with benefits

36. There's this stench

"Overall, since I'm not in a relationship I do not usually shave until it gets too much. I've noticed that once my hair gets too long, I start to smell, but also when I shave I also start to smell in the first two days or so. On the other hand, when I am with someone I continuously shave." – Female, 20-years-old, on the lookout

Everyone has an aroma, but it's helpful to make sure your odor is within range of normality.

37. Hoo-haw independence

"Nothing has entirely changed. I still groom for my own benefit and I don't care if I meet someone or don't. Sometimes, I might wait a few extra weeks before doing a grooming session, but even so, that doesn't stop me from fixing myself up every now and then." – Female, 19-years-old, "honestly not even sure"

It always feels good to pamper and prep.

38. There's a lot of moola that goes into grooming

"Still get regular waxes but it's okay if it's past 4 weeks! A little extra hair won't kill no one plus it's expensive to keep that upkeep." – Female, 24-years-old, friends with benefits

When deciding between saving money for food or a wax, always choose food.

39. Trimming season

"I haven't shaved since the summer, but the other day I trimmed a little because it was getting too long." – Female, 19-years-old, single like a Pringle

40. Finding comfort in relationships

"Honestly, in previous relationships, I would shave everywhere (and I mean everywhere) like every other day. With myself practically living with my now boyfriend, there will be times I forget. At first when I did this, I would apologize and get super self-conscious. My boyfriend told me he actually prefers a little stubble, he says it reminds him I'm actually a woman and not a child. That I'm human and he loves my imperfections. I'm finally comfortable in a relationship where I can go a couple days not shaving (too much length causes itching and I'm not about that personally)." – Female, 21-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

One's imperfections make him/her perfectly unique.

41. Going back to our roots

"Au naturel all year long." – Female, 20-years-old, single like a Pringle

42. No f***ks given

"I literally will not shave until it starts to bother me. This goes for every part of my body (armpits excluded because I literally cannot handle my armpits to not be shaved during all seasons LOL) but as for every other area, if I'm not wearing shorts or going swimming I won't shave unless it's irritating me or whatever. My boyfriend doesn't really care–we've been together for almost five years now and quite honestly, I don't care either! Obviously, I'll be fully groomed if it's like a date night or something but for 99% of the season I do not care one bit." – Female, 21-years-old, cuffed up and in a long-term relationship

Living life one hairy leg at a time.

These responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

10 Things Every Couple Must Complete On Their Bucket List Before They Die

If you're interested in doing sexual things that are more outside of the box, here's an intricate list of things every couple should check off their sexual bucket list before they die.

Dr King
Dr King

In my personal experience, I noticed that conversations centered around sexual exploration are talked about in terms of what we've already done. Countless times I've played the game "Never Have I Ever" to break the ice and find out what other people have done. Even then people mostly want to know who has done butt stuff, who have had threesomes, and who has hooked up with a certain amount of people already. However, we rarely talk about all the sexual things we'd like to embark in and even when we do, it's usually kind of basic or standard.

If you're interested in doing sexual things that are more outside of the box, here's an intricate list of things every couple should check off their sexual bucket list before they die.

1. Use weed lube

Foria Pleasure's enhancement product made of cannabis oil and coconut oil provides women with mind-blowing and longer lasting orgasms. The increasing popularity of the product has gotten featured on Cosmo, PopSugar, and VICE.

2. Have a sex marathon at the Secluded Intown Treehouse Airbnb

This Airbnb in Atlanta is the #1 most-wished listing worldwide and makes for gorgeous scenery considering you're surrounded by nature. The bed is centered directly in front of the best view of its lush woods so it would be insane not to use that to your advantage and have a marathon sex session to become one with your partner and the environment.

3. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower

What's sex without a little romance as well? If you can afford a romantic getaway to Paris which is arguably the most romantic city in the world, make sure to kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower as a mechanism for emotional foreplay.

4. Join the Mile High Club

If you're up for something daring, have sex with your partner while you're both on a plane. One of you can head straight there as the other follows about five minutes later. Then one of you can bend the other over the sink and keep going until you're both finished. To eliminate the risk of looking too suspicious, I would at least encourage for this to be done while most people are sleeping so that people aren't wondering why the bathroom is being occupied for so long.

5. Attend a sex party

This doesn't necessarily mean you have to partake in the festivities but it's worth checking out. What happens at sex parties vary but to my understanding, it's a social gathering where couples hang out or engage in whatever sexual activities they desire as long as consent is given by whichever parties are involved. Usually, these parties are hosted at people's homes or in hotel rooms at conventions.

6. Bang against your partner's desk at their corporate job

It's a thrilling fantasy to be bent over by your partner against their desk at their fancy executive job where they have to be professional toward others on the outside but all kinds of nasty with you behind closed doors. If your partner has a job as a general manager, data analyst, consultant, accountant, corporate controller, etc then this activity is perfect for you!

7. Have a sex marathon in a snow cabin

If you're looking for a baecation at a snow cabin during the winter, here a few Airbnbs to consider. Just don't forget to have some everlasting sex sessions while you're there.

8. Play "hide and go seek" in public

This isn't inherently sexual, but if you wanted to test the waters and see how creative you can get, you could go on a picnic in the park first. Then leave trackers—whether that be bread on the ground that the ducks can eventually eat or turn on your bitmoji's location on Snapchat to have your partner find you. Then when they finally meet up with you, you both can celebrate by having sex at your final destination.

9. Bang at a sex dungeon

In Chicago, there are some of the best underground sex dungeons to fulfill the deepest fantasies of those in the kink community. There are multiple playrooms that provide all the types of bondage accessories and plays you can think of.

10. Have a baecation at Desire Couples Resort

Embrace your adventurous side and indulge in an all-inclusive, clothing optional couples resort located on the glorious beaches of Cancun. This place is tailored toward couples who are apart of the swingers lifestyle but everyone is welcome to explore. Public sexual activity is permitted in some areas of the resort so it could be a great opportunity for the two of you to try things you've never even thought of before.

Dr King
Dr King

OMG, check these out

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Everything You Need To Know About Birth Control Methods Most Used By College Women

From the pill to IUDs, here's how college women are staying safe.

Finding the right birth control method for you is not as easy as it may seem. Judging from the numerous side effects, lack of accessibility and negative past experiences, only sixty percent of reproductive age women participate in safe sex.

Although not all birth control methods work the same for every woman, when used correctly, present-day contraceptives methods have proven to be very effective! Seventy-two percent of women who practice in safe sex report to using nonpermanent, hormonal, types of birth control.

The Pill is the most common type of birth control among never-married women in their teens and twenties10.7 million U.S., women used the oral contraceptive during 2006-2008.

Although the Pill has been the most commonly used birth control method since 1982, there are several hormonal (and non-hormonal) birth control methods that are available to you ladies! Options such as an IUD, a vaginal ring, the Patch, an implant, the Shot, good old condoms, and emergency contraceptives are among some of the most common birth control methods used by women ages 15-44.

Many hormonal birth control methods are often associated with side effects such as weight gain, changes in skin and ovulation cycles, as well as variations in mood swings and headaches. For example, the Pill might reduce acne in some women and worsen the skin quality in others. It takes time and effort to find the right match for you!

Women that report to using non-hormonal methods, such as the copper IUD, often complain of severe pain during insertion as well as continuous heavy bleeding and increased menstrual cramps during the first few months.

However, non-hormonal birth control methods are not all that bad! The copper IUD eliminates other side effects such as weight gain and blood clots, which are often associated with hormonal contraceptives. The copper IUD can also remain inside a woman for up to ten years and be used as an emergency contraceptive if inserted five days after unprotected sex.

Now that all the statistics have been laid out on the table, we talked to a few college women on their experience with various types of birth control methods!

1. The Pill

The Pill remains the most common method of birth control among women in their teens and twenties to this day. When going on the Pill, if you start the pack within the first five days of the start of your period, pregnancy protection begins right away. However, if you start at any other point in your menstrual cycle, pregnancy protection begins after seven days.

There are two types of birth control pills out there: combination pills and mini pills.

Combination pills contain two types of hormones, estrogen, and progestin. Whereas mini pills only contain the progestin hormone. The combination pill might not be the right fit for you if you are prone to headaches and nausea. The main difference between the two is that every pill within the mini pill pack is active — there are no placebo/ sugar pills.

"I've been on the Pill for about a year now and I've had no issues with it other than occasional breakouts here and there. It was really hard to get used to taking it at the same time every day, but once I got the hang of it it was relatively easy to keep track of. I set up daily alarms on my phone as reminders and have yet to miss a pill."

Although the Pill is the most common type of birth control, there are other options out there —NuvaRing being one of them!

2. NuvaRing

"My gynecologist suggested that I start using the NuvaRing the summer before my freshmen year of college. He explained that the ring is the size of a hair-tie and is not as weird or difficult to use as people often think. I was told to insert the ring vaginally and leave it in for three weeks. You take the ring out at the start of the fourth week, two days later you get your period. At the end of the fourth week, your period is done and you put in a new ring to start the process over. I haven't felt any negative side effects of using the ring and find it really easy to track. My periods are also so much lighter and I no longer get horrible stomach and back pains."

Many women, myself included, often fear the thought of using a vaginal contraceptive like the NuvaRing. Although it may work for some, being a college student that often forgets to sleep due to high stress and tightly packed schedule, changing out the Ring on time doesn't seem like a plausible idea.

This leaves many college women wondering what less time-consuming birth control options are available to them. The Shot is one of many.

3. The Shot

"After a couple years of being on the Pill, I realized it wasn't for me. I could never remember to take it at the same time each day and even when I set alarms as reminders, I would just instinctively turn them off and ignore them. When I told my doctor, she suggested I start getting the Depo Provera shot. Basically, its a shot of hormones that you get every three months. But alas, the Shot was not all glitz and glam. When I first got it, I legitimately had a thirty day period and even though it was light the entire time, it was still alarming. My gynecologist told me this was normal and that it will work itself out. When I got the second shot all was A-OK! I didn't get my period for the rest of the time I was on the Shot which was nice, however, it made me think I was pregnant all the time. I read articles online that said if you get too many of the Depo Provera shots it can affect your bone health so ultimately, I made the decision to stop. I'm back to using the Pill now. However, the scary thing is I have been off the shot for six months now and my period is yet to return to its normal cycle."

Yikes, that doe not sound too appealing! What if you're scared of shots and don't want to make a trip to your local health clinic every three months? The Implant might be the right fit for you.

4. Nexaplonon

Nexaplonon, a thin implant that goes in your arm for up to three years, is one of the most effective birth controls available. The implant is often correlated with light breakouts and ultimately the stop of a monthly period.

"I've had the Implant for over two years now. I've had no issues with this birth control up until now. The process of getting it inserted was a little painful. My doctor first gave me the numbing shot, which was the most painful part of the procedure, followed by the insertion of the implant. The whole procedure took a little over ten minutes to complete. I had a light period for the first week and a half. However, it stopped for the next two years. I have to get the implant out in the next three months and I've noticed the light, continuous spotting from week to week. I've had no issues with Nexaplonon other than the light spotting and occasional breakouts, and would highly recommend it to other women!"

However, just because one woman had a positive experience with a certain type of birth control doesn't mean everyone else will too.

We've heard a lot of horror stories about the implant, from terrible scarring to painful migraines, make sure to talk to your gynecologist about Nexaplonon being the right fit for you!

5. IUD

There are two types of IUDs on the market — copper IUDs and hormonal IUDs. The ParaGard IUD is non-hormonal, it's wrapped in a small amount of copper and protects you from pregnancy for up to twelve years. However, the hormonal IUDs use the hormone progestin to prevent unwanted pregnancies and can last anywhere from three to seven years.

"I decided to get an IUD the summer after my gap year. I got the copper non-hormonal IUD, just because I didn't want to deal with breakouts or possible weight gain. During the insertion, it felt as if I got my life's worth period cramps all at once. The IUD actually ended up falling out a few days later and I had to go in and get a replacement. However, I've had no problems with it ever since."

If you're thinking about getting an IUD, make sure to take ibuprofen to decrease possible pain an hour or so before your scheduled procedure!

6. Condoms

Although the Pill is the most commonly used hormonal birth control method among college-aged women, a higher percentage of women report to using condoms throughout their college career. Fifty-five percent of women in their teens and early twenties report to using condoms where as only thirty-five percent report to using the Pill.

Condoms are the only type of birth control that can protect you from getting at STD/STI from your partner! Although we have yet to meet a woman who prefers to use female condoms over the traditional male condoms ourselves, there are women out there that enjoy the protection and control that the female condom offers to them.

"Condoms were my primary method of birth control before I got the implant. I now use condoms if my partner and I are not exclusively seeing each other."

There are various condoms available on the market; some condoms come in different flavors and colors, while others are ribbed and promise to add extra stimulation to the receiving partner.

So, what if the condom breaks and you're not using any backup methods?

7. Plan B

Plan B, often referred to as "the morning after pill", is a pressed pill containing the levonorgestrel hormone that is often used as an emergency contraception method. The common misconception about Plan B is that if you take it too many times it will have a negative effect on your fertility in the long run. There are no safety concerns about using emergency contraceptive pills more than once. Plan B should be taken within 5 days of unprotected sex and can reduce the risk of pregnancy up to eighty nine percent, however it is more effective the sooner you take it!

"I've used Plan B twice in my life and have had no issues with it aside from minor side effects. I obviously wouldn't recommend using Plan B regularly, but I still think it is a good contraceptive option for when other contraceptive methods fail. The pill is easily-accessible — you can get it at CVS or if you don't want to pay the big bucks, sometimes your school health center will offer it for less. Once you take it, you will get VERY nauseous but it is critical that you don't throw up for a couple of hours. Aside from that, the only other side effects I had were an irregular period and mood swings. I think plan B is a great second option and I will absolutely take the minor side effects over an accidental pregnancy. That being said, I do have friends that have had horrible experiences with plan B: one of my friends ended up in the hospital after having a bad reaction to the pill."

That being said, relying on emergency contraceptives as your primary method of birth control is not as effective as using a birth control before or while having sex.

So there you have it — here is everything you need to know about the most commonly used birth control methods by college women!

OMG, check these out

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