14 Women Share Why They Love Their Small Boobs

14 Women Share Why They Love Their Small Boobs

Small boobs are the best boobs. Welcome to the itty bitty titty club!


Most women hate their small boobs. Some even go as far to get breast implants because they are so insecure about their small boobs. Honestly though, why? I LOVE my small boobs. I have so many reasons for loving them and so do other women.

Here are a few things women (and some men!) love about small boobs, according to Reddit:

1. Sleeping on my stomach.

"Sleeping on your stomach comfortably."


I can sleep on my stomach with no issues. I love sleeping on my stomach and I also love hogging the bed. I've heard from many larger chested girls, it's hard/uncomfortable for them.

2. My boyfriend loves them.

"I tell her her boobs are perfect all the time and my fav thing is just hold them while we cuddle and she always goes 'they're small though' and I'm just like.... they're perfect I can just hold it ALL. Also they just look so proportionate when she's topless, I don't know, it looks way better than huge boobs that look like they weigh 50 lbs each And about the shopping for bras thing, she's a 32B and it seems to be perfect for her because she can shop for different bras that can make her look bigger if she wants to feel that way or just a simple sports bra to keep everything nice and packed. Small boobs are too underrated, IMO."


My boyfriend makes me feel sexy. I used to feel like no men would like my itty bitty kitties but he makes me feel like they are the best breast on Earth. And now, I feel like maybe I do have the best breasts on Earth.

3. No boob sweat.

"Oh heck yeah! My friend suffers from boob sweat all the time and I'm just like 'what's that?' lol."


4. Not having to wear a bra with underwire.

"Definitely love not having to wear an underwire. I hate how they feel. I mean sure they make non-underwire bras for big chested girls too, but a lot of them need that support. I feel so bad."


5. Being athletic.

"Doing any athletic thing easily! I'm a proud B and couldn't imagine the weight of anything bigger...my cousin has DD's and her under-boobs bleed after running a lot."


Can I just say one thing? Ouch!

6. Saving on a chiropractor or physical therapist.

"Less back problems."


"This is why I'm looking into getting a reduction. My back hurts constantly."


7. Freeing the nipples.

"No bra."

- Frank_the_Mighty

"It really is so nice to not have to worry about what kind of bra I need when I'm out backpacking."


8. Having all the patterns.

"Cute bras. As soon as I hit DD my options changed from "cute and fun" to "50 shades of beige".


9. No problems clothes shopping.

"Wearing cute dresses with embellished or strappy backs because you can go without a bra or any major support at least."


"It is impossible to find t-shirts, bathing suit tops, and clothes in general which would fit big boobs. I was teased throughout high school, labeled a slut, they called me pepperoni nipples.

Now, I love my small boobs. I love being able to buy a $5 bathing suit at Ardene. I love fitting into a normal t-shirt size and not spilling out all the time. I love not having back pain!!"


10. Bralettes for days.

"Plus I wish I could wear bralettes or backless tops or all those cute little strappy tank tops that look ridiculous on me but amazing on other women. Or buy a bikini or bra from any old store (for cheap!) and have it fit and look amazing! Or not have to always wear underwire!"


11. Just loving yourself, no matter boob size.

"I prefer small boobs, they're adorable and look far more comfortable to have. Any girls reading this: Boob size is entirely a preference and thinking that guys prefer larger boobs is a complete myth. Be proud of what you've got no matter what you've got and carry them with pride because you are beautiful."


Some answers have been modified for clarity or length.

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

Hometown Tinder Is Every College Girl's Worst Nightmare When She's Home For The Holidays

It's full of all the boys who made fun of you in high school.


Ah, the holidays. Three whole weeks where college students pack up their dorm necessities and return back home, to Christmas carols and grandma's famous fudge and some well-deserved rest. However, the holidays also come with quite a bit of extra spare time, and without your college friends three doors down, it can be hard to figure out what to do with yourself. This may lead to quite a few naps and Netflix binges, or if you're anything like me, swiping left and right on Tinder until you're completely out of people around you.

And while I'll whole-heartedly admit that I turn to Tinder over my holiday breaks to cure my boredom, I also know damn well that hometown Tinder is every single college girl's worst nightmare during the holidays. Here's why.

1. All of the boys who made you cry in high school are on it.

Remember when you had the biggest crush on Jake when you were sixteen and he made you cry at the homecoming dance when he wouldn't slow dance with you to "Someone Like You"?

No matter how hard you try to push that memory to the darkest parts of your mind, ten swipes on hometown Tinder will lead you to his picture on your iPhone. And while it may be fun to laugh at how he went from a 8 out of 10 in high school to a 6 out of 10 on a good day now, you don't want to be stuck contemplating whether or not you should swipe right on the boy who ruined your makeup on what should've been a good night.

2. And so are the awkward ones who you never really talked to.

Yeah, you always thought Aaron was cute, but you never struck up a conversation on the bus ride home. Now, you're stuck with a question that could go many ways: do you swipe right or not?

3. Most of the people you're swiping on will never leave your hometown.

Girl, you have goals. You were one of the few people who actually left your hometown and went off to school, and the last place you want to end up when you graduate is back in those hometown streets. Why in the world would you want to end up with someone who never plans on leaving?

Yeah, you may think it's "just Tinder," but truth is, you never know what could happen with the guys you talk to on there.

4. So. Many. Exes.

Your first crush from 5th grade, your senior prom date, your first kiss, the first guy who ever broke your heart...hometown Tinder is stacked FULL of so many of your exes in one place. If you choose to navigate hometown Tinder, well, good luck, sis.

5. You're going to end up doing something you regret.

Whether it's hooking up with a guy you've known since you were in diapers or getting back with your ex, hometown Tinder leads to nothing but bad decisions. Trust me on this.

6. You know people in your hometown run your mouth.

When you're away at school, the only time someone MIGHT talk about your Tinder is if some guy from work or one of your class recognizes you and thinks your bio is witty. When you're back home, however, your Tinder profile is going to be a featured screenshot and every "Saturdays are for the boys" group chat within a 15-mile radius. People are going to run their mouth about you even having a Tinder and they'll tear apart all your pictures and your bio. Yeah, it's shitty, but isn't that expected?

7. You're forced to lower your standards.

Let's be real for a second: the guys on hometown Tinder simply just aren't as cute as the boys you're swiping right on like crazy back at school. If you want a hometown hookup or even just someone to entertain you with conversation while you're bored binge-watching "Friends" for the fifth time, odds are you're going to have to lower your standards a bit.

8. One wrong swipe and you've ruined your holiday season.

Y'all, these are the holidays we're talking about. Three weeks to rest and recharge. Time to enjoy family and friends and the joy that comes with the holidays. You don't want to be stuck upset or annoyed or pissed at some rando and whatever they said to you on an app. Maybe, no matter how bored you get, it's best you let things settle for a bit and stay far away...

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8 New Year's Resolutions That Every Single College Girl Should Make In 2019

This is your year.


Despite what you have probably been repeatedly preached, starting off the new year single doesn't suck. You may not have a definite New Year's Eve kiss, but you have plenty of opportunities to improve yourself and succeed in your goals, without the obligations of a relationship holding you down.

1. Dedicate more time to your friends.

When you're in a relationship, friendships can fall to the back burner. Single life is the perfect opportunity to invest more time in your friendships. Whether it's staying in or going out, organizing a wine night or a study session, make your friends a priority this year.

2. Have more confidence with guys and dating.

Text a crush from class first. Don't be afraid to leave a situation that doesn't feel right, of losing a date out of fear that you won't get another. Even if you get turned down, deal with confrontation, or remain single for a while, things will work out.

3. Break a bad habit.

The "New Year, New Me" mentality can often be daunting (and very ridiculous). The reality is, you are still you, faults and all. But making a goal to change one thing that's been holding you back can be helpful. Maybe this is going out for more, or procrastinating on studying, or a personal thing you really want to change, for yourself.

4. Improve your study and work habits.

This is the year to succeed in academics and career. Don't let procrastination and laziness hold you back. Get organized and get your goals accomplished.

5. Go on dates.

Don't make your goal to get into a relationship. But being single doesn't mean locking yourself off from possibilities. Get to know different people and options. Whether this is simply casual, disastrous, or has the potential to develop into more, don't try to force anything, and remember that everything is a learning experience.

6. Learn a new skill (or improve an old one).

When you're single, your schedule is yours. Why not take the opportunity to learn a new skill or hone in an old one that you've abandoned? It doesn't have to be a huge conquest that feels impossible. Take painting or cooking classes. Dedicate time every day to learn a new language.

7. Don't be afraid to try some new styles.

Get some bold lipstick, spice up your wardrobe, take some style risks.

8. Treat yourself.

Whether this means taking yourself out to dinner once in a while or having a face mask and Sex and the City marathon night, invest time in giving yourself the treatment you deserve.

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