Ladies lets admit it, we all have been crazy a time or two.

We have all gone off on your man for no reason other than that we were in bad mood and decided to take it out on him. Like for instance everything little thing is bothering you and he doesn't respond quick enough and suddenly he is the problem. Don't say you haven't been there, because we've all been there.

But let me help you out, here are 10 things not to text your boyfriend when you in a bad mood, because let's be real if you do it enough, he'll break up with you, and it's cuffing season so we can't have that.

1. "Goodnight" at anytime other than the time you're actually going to bed

It's 2 p.m. girlfriend not 2 a.m., grow up and tell him what is actually wrong.

2. "Bye *their name*."

You know that you don't want them to go, so why are you telling them to leave?

3. "I'm not mad."

Yes you are.

4. "I don't care."

Yes you do.

5. "Whatever."

it's not what ever.

6. "Do what you want."

So he does what he wants and not what you want and then you get mad again?

7. "Nothings wrong."

Homegirl, everything is wrong, so just tell him even if it sounds ranty.

8. "Don't talk to me."

Yet you want him to talk to you...?

9. "Do you even love me?"

Girl of course he does, and you know this.

10. "I'm fine."

You most definitely are not fine, so just admit it.

11. "I hope you're happy."

Well you know damn well that you just pissed him off, so you know that he isn't happy.

12. "K."

For real?