So, you just met someone. And they are AMAZING. They make you laugh, they share your interests, you can't get enough of talking to them. For the first month, you guys texted all day, every day with no breaks in the conversation, and when you finally got to hang out, sparks flew.

They're PERFECT! Your birth charts align perfectly, they don't mind the fact that you have a slightly crooked finger, and they're down to binge-watch The Office with you whenever you want.

They're most DEFINITELY the one, there's just one problem:

The timing is wrong.

All too often I hear people — particularly people in my demographic — giving this justification for why a relationship didn't work out or never got off the ground. And while I suspect that I'm in the majority, I wholeheartedly believe the notion that you can meet the PERFECT person for you, but "poor timing" can stand in the way of your union, is a crock of crap.

I don't want to be THAT person... but, there are approximately 7 billion people residing on this planet right now. Regardless of your gender or sexuality, that leaves a smorgasbord of people for you to potentially partner with.

So, in the event that you run into one of the BILLIONS of people who seems to be, for all intents and purposes, your definition of the perfect partner, do you seriously believe that something as fluid and dynamic as timing would stand in the way? Timing is extremely flexible, and if the person were truly right for you, it would mold itself into a shape that would accommodate your relationship. Furthermore, if you both TRULY believed you were meant to be, you would make it happen, simple as that. Distance or timing or any other temporary obstacle would not keep you two apart if you really wanted it.

No matter how well-suited to you a person may be, there is absolutely no way that something as simple as job schedules not aligning, business with school, or one person being set to move across the country would stand in the way of that. The blatant misalignment of your lives is a blaring sign from the universe or God, or whoever may you idolize, that they are NOT the right person. If they were, EVERYTHING would align, and flow accordingly. The timing is not wrong, the person is.

That doesn't mean that the person in question couldn't have been a great fit for you in theory. But ultimately, if the timing of your lives has not aligned you two in that way, just stop forcing that ponytail. While they may be a GREAT person, if something as trivial as timing stops you two from being together, they aren't the RIGHT person.

In the words of the late, great Mac Miller — if it should've been, it would've been.

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