Sex is a really taboo subject. I think many of us like to believe as time has passed over the years that we're all getting accustomed to talking about it, but in all actuality, you're still being judged behind closed doors. It's almost like the world doesn't care you're having sex, but they don't want you to talk about it. As long as they're able to continue on with their routine lives without knowing the details of your sex life—they're fine.

But I like sex and no, I'm not afraid to tell you that.

I have grown up loving the idea of sex, but not even necessarily participating in it. I actually lost my virginity later than most, but that didn't mean I wasn't interested in talking about sex. In fact, any time the subject was brought up I was really curious about other's experiences, and the details of what happened. We spend so much time believing sex is this hush-hush topic, that when you finally do it, we almost feel ashamed.

If sex was viewed as a person talking about their favorite book, imagine how much more interested people would be on the matter. We enjoy talking about the book, visualizing the experience, and suggesting it to other friends. Why can't we do the same with sex? Instead, we view talking about sex like we do eating a piece of cake past 10 p.m.—kind of bad, yet kind of exciting, (but keep it to yourself).

The more people that are open to the idea of discussing what goes on in the bedroom (or public spaces, whatever does it for yah) the more we will start to get a better view on sex. We'll start looking at the topic of it as easy to talk about as someone's favorite book. Maybe this will even lead to a more satisfying experience actually doing it because we're all just comfortable. As someone who enjoys the topic, even I tend to get a little nervous posting about it. I'm always trying to take into consideration who is able to see what I post, and who may feel a certain way with me posting it.

I have aunts, uncles, bosses, coworkers, and old teachers on my Facebook, and unfortunately posting about sex doesn't make you shine in a good way with them. Then I have to remind myself that despite what they may think about me at the end of the day for enjoying talking about sex, they probably really like sex too but are too embarrassed to tell the world. I'm not saying they're wrong about it, I'm just saying I choose to live my life differently, and I think it has positively affected my relationship and my sexual side as well.

The more comfortable I have been openly talking about it with others, the better off I've been in the bedroom, and with my own mind. It's amazing what fearing the subject can do to your brain, and it's even more amazing what loving the subject can do.

That's not to say sex isn't big. It is big. It's something that you should only do if you're one hundred percent in it so your body is able to feel all the right things during. It shouldn't be this forced thing that you'll later feel embarrassed to discuss with whoever you want. Make sure the time is right, the person is right, and mindset is right, then hopefully the experience will match it. In the meantime though, talk about it. Talk about what you want out of it, and what you don't. Discuss it with people who you wouldn't have thought to discuss it with, and get input on experiences they had that they'd do over again in a heartbeat and other times they'd stay away from if they could've.

Open up your mind so you can open up your body. Give yourself the pleasure of knowing other people enjoy these things too and don't let guilt occupy your thoughts for a second. Bask in the fact you're able to give in to yourself when you want something.

We are human after all. And humans? We love sex.

I love sex.

Feeling dirty yet?