This is my story—a Tinder success story

When I told my dad I had a Tinder account, he asked why I was using a gay man's hookup site.

My mom told me to be careful.

I talked to my friends about it. One of my friends actually took my phone one time and proceeded to tell all my matches that I was actually a lesbian, and wasn't interested in any of them, because they were men. Nothing against lesbians, of course, I just happen to not be one!

I was on Tinder for an ego boost, to be quite honest. Maybe that's petty or dumb, but it was nice to be told I was pretty, ya know? I did avoid weirdos, creeps, people I probably knew, and men who were 30-years-old to my 19-years-old. *shudder*

And if you don't know what Tinder is, then are you even in college? JK. But it IS super popular on college campuses. Tinder is a dating app where you literally swipe left if you don't like them, or if you DO like them, you swipe right. Simple! Or, if you're super interested, you swipe up for a *super* like, like my boyfriend did on me.

You have a short profile, have a few pictures of yourself, and your age. No last names, nothing. Basically, Tinder is what our parents told us to avoid when we were kids. Ya know, the whole "Don't talk to strangers" talk? Tinder is for strangers in your area! Plus, you set your age range.

I mindlessly swiped left or right (mostly lefts, let’s be real), and then one day I actually got super liked. Hello, ego boost! *heart eyes emoji* Little did I know, that guy would become my entire world. I messaged him, he messaged back, and so on and so forth. I thought he didn't like me, he thought the same, and we were both so wrong.

What was once a match on Tinder turned into my future husband.

We talked every day and would be on the phone for hours. Our first date was 10+ hours long. No joke, we spent the whole day together. Fast forward a little later, I met his best friends, I was regularly staying at his place (now our place), and I was head over heels in love with him.

The best part—he loved me too.

He's absolutely my best friend. We do everything together. We live together, we're planning a wedding and building a life together. I'm so so so so lucky, and I have never been more in love.

I am going to marry the man I met on Tinder. So, I leave you with this, be careful when you use online dating. Don't share your personal information but be open-minded about it all. You never know who you're going to meet, or where you're going to end up. If you would've asked me two years ago where my life would be, I really had no idea. But life has a funny way of working out.

No, two years ago I didn't know I would be here... but I needed to. I needed to be here. I have never been happier with my life. I've never had someone so incredible in my life. And maybe that's what fate is. So, have faith, because Tinder could lead to marriage, and a right swipe might change your life.