Recently, I've been disappointed with some of the people in my life. People who I thought would have my back through it all and defend my name to the grave have betrayed me. People who said that they loved me, stopped showing it. I won't harp on betrayal or heartache, because we've all been there and that's not where I'm going with this.

After living, and learning, I distanced myself from these people who I once deemed closest to me. While standing from afar, and looking back I began to realize what the real issue in my life was. I was attracting the wrong people, because I was being the wrong person.

You attract what you are, not what you want.

If you want a man with goals, ambitions, and consistency, you should find yourself focusing on developing goals for yourself, following your own ambitions, and creating consistency in your own life. Focus on BECOMING the person of your dreams in order to ATTRACT the person of your dreams.

A million likes online won't make you like yourself.

It all begins with you. Learning to love yourself so that you can in turn give that same love to someone else. Remembering to respect yourself so that they have a reason to respect you. Because let's face it, you deserve the best and have no obligation to settle for less than just that.

You can't pray a ten cent prayer, and expect a million dollar answer. You can't be a ten cent lady and expect a million dollar man.

You know what they say, you get what you give and I believe this holds true in every aspect of life. The joy of it is, believe it or not... you CAN create your own happiness. You control the thoughts in your mind, just as you control who you chose to surround yourself with.

Happy people are happy with themselves because they do what makes them happy, and in turn attract happy people that are out doing what makes them happy.

A better and happier life, begins with you!! It begins with YOUR effort, with YOUR ability, and with YOUR success. In the end, be sure that you can say that you chose your life — and didn't settle for it.