We live in a digital world, full of empty promises of honesty and reality, where finding true love means navigating through groups of people who only want to “talk". True intentions can be hidden within text messages and snapchats. We aren't really talking, just slipping between moments of time where we can fit ourselves into each other schedules.

It used to be where the old-fashioned date consisted of a dinner and a movie ending in a goodnight kiss. I've only experienced that once, and I'm afraid that time has passed.

You deserve a guy that cherishes you and gives you those goodnight and good morning texts.

The way to that world is as easy as doing it. I've noticed a lot of people, especially guys, have commitment issues. That may be biased based on college experience but in reality, we are all busy in different ways and it's not always easy to put time into a new relationship while also dealing with everything else. But my comeback to that is we are always going to be busy with something, whether that is college or a full-time job. Both you and that other person have to make that time. It's not always easy when one person wants to take it a step further and the other doesn't.

All of us ladies deserve to open up our hearts and souls to the guys who really deserve it. The world can be such a hard and frustrating place already, finding someone at the right time for you should feel as carefree as possible. There are so many ways you can be a free soul single but I also know that there is a person out there for everyone.

Life can be so amazing and it SHOULD be amazing with this special person. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it or when you need it the most. Don't be sad about having not found this person yet, just think about how great it will be when you do.