1. You send him those goofy Snapchat selfies.

Yup, even the double chin comes out.

2. You end fights with laughing.

By the end of a silly argument, you can't even take each other seriously anymore.

3. He's impressed by your every day play-by-plays.

"This morning I woke up, had 4 cups of coffee and 3 donuts."

"Wow, babe. You are a champ. A true inspiration to many."

4. "Netflix and chill" literally means Netflix and chill.

There better be food, too.

5. Speaking of food, you're not afraid to eat massive amounts around him.

You're also not afraid to take his food.

6. You're immature around each other.

And it's so much fun.

7. You sing in the car together. And it sounds awful.

OK, so maybe "American Idol" isn't quite for you.

8. You tell each other how it really is.

Skip the sugar coating.

9. You walk right into each other's houses.

His family isn't surprised to see you sitting on the couch.

10. You genuinely have fun together.

You never find yourself having to force a smile or fake a laugh when you're with him.

11. You've probably made a secret handshake before.

Admit it.

12. Everything turns into an adventure.

Even the grocery store.

13. He's the first person you want to call or text.

Whether something good or bad happens.

14. You miss him as soon as he leaves.

Sappy but true.

15. You're okay with looking like a total slob around him.

Somehow he still thinks you're stunning.

16. Silence isn't awkward.

You don't have to talk every single minute you're together. Besides, you'd drive each other nuts if you did.

17. You know all the gross things about each other.

He understands that sometimes shaving your legs is just way too much to handle.

18. You're probably too competitive with each other.

The thought of losing a game of scrabble or Connect 4 makes you feel sick.

19. You like to embarrass each other.

You know he hates when you talk loudly in restaurants. Obviously, you're going to talk louder.

20. You trust him to buy gifts for you.

He completely knows your style and what you're into.

21. He brings out the best in you.

It's just something about him.

22. You're willing to listen to him talk about sports, even though you're not interested.

There's nothing quite like seeing his eyes light up the way they do.

23. You barely have any nice pictures together.

Because you're too busy making ugly faces.

24. Secrets? What're those?

You tell each other everything.

25. You send each other pictures of outfits.

"Should I wear the gray shirt or the white one with these pants?"

26. He gives you the best advice.

You can rely on him to really help you out because he wants the best for you.

27. You're accepting of each other.

You don't mind his flaws and he doesn't mind yours.

28. You tease each other.

He probably calls you a dork at least once a day.

29. You remind each other how much you care.

You want to remind the other person that they matter.

30. You can look past all the not so fun times.

Beyond the pointless bickering and arguing, you realize that all the good times completely outweigh the bad.

31. You wouldn't give your relationship up for the world.

You realize it isn't a perfect relationship but you wouldn't have it any other way with any other person.