The first thing you need to realize is that she doesn't NEED you, she CHOSE you

You need to understand the difference between the two.

She's the kind of girl who would be more than okay on her own. She's always been the independent kind. The girl who is there for everyone, but not for herself. She's the girl who would cut off her own arm if someone was in need.

She makes sacrifices for the people that least deserve it. She cares too much for her own good. She's the kind of person who doesn't let people in very often. Trust is the most challenging thing for her.

Yet, here you are, and I hope that you appreciate that because letting people in isn't easy for her.
I hope that you know that she will do anything for you. I hope that you know that she loves you with every fiber in her being.

She's been used. She's been taken advantage of. She's been lied to. She's been cheated on, and here she stands with her head held high standing before you, wanting to build a future.

But she's not sure that you're in this as much as you say you are. You stopped doing the things you did when you first met her. And that's not fair.

She needs to feel appreciated.
She needs to feel loved.
She needs to feel wanted.
She needs to feel like your girlfriend.

It's your job to make her feel like all of those things, the same way she does for you. If you cannot do that, then buddy you need to take your hands off another man's future.

She shouldn't have to repeatedly tell you what's going on if its the same issue. She shouldn't have to tell you how to fix what you're doing wrong; it's your own job to make it up to her. She shouldn't have to keep spelling it out for you because the truth is if you love her as much as you say, you will do anything to make it better.

She shouldn't have to fear that maybe you have lost interest.

She shouldn't have to fear that you've started talking to someone else.

She shouldn't have to fear to want to tag you in something on social media because of your "privacy" (You should want to show her off.)

She shouldn't have to fear the many female friends that she has.

Yes, maybe she's a little insecure, but given all of the things she's been through, she's earned the right to be.

So if you really care about her as much as you want her to believe you do, then you need to let your actions take over, and stop with the words. Ever heard the saying actions speak louder than words?

So try harder, or walk away because the girl deserves so much more than what you're doing to her.,