1. The "WTF Do I Reply??"

You'll need all the group chat and friend power you can get to figure out how to reply to a tricky text*.

*Tricky texts can be anything from a long paragraph from an S.O to a "Hey what's up?" from someone you like.

2. The Gossip From A Mutual Friend.

When you get that really good tea, you just have to share it with your other friends.

3. The FBI Evidence.

You might be wondering what someone you know is up to, or if your friend is still together with their S.O, or if that girl on your crush's Instagram is his girlfriend or just a friend. In these times, you and the rest of your group chat will become FBI agents, exchanging screenshots like evidence.

4. The "OMG: Did You See What He/She Just Did??"

That person you hate from class or work you hate posted a super weird photo on Instagram. Your favorite celeb just posted a really shady tweet. Your friend unfollowed her or his (ex??) significant other on Instagram. That cute person you like updated his or her profile pic.

5. The Drunk Texts.

You'll need these receipts to embarrass your friends later.

6. The "Look How Cute My Bae Is"

When you're in the honeymoon stage of your new relationship, you might want to subtly brag to your friends about how good it's going by sharing your cute exchanges.

7. The DMs.

Ah, those cringe-worthy DMs from guys you don't really know (and don't really want to get to know), or the guys you want to forget but are slowly creeping back into your life, one DM at a time. You'll have to send screenshots of these to your friends so more people can contribute a "WTF" to the situation.

8. The Fight.

You'll be having a fight with your significant other, another friend, or your mom, and you'll (definitely) need a friend's opinion on how to respond, or just to vent.

9. The Crazy Texts.

You can't believe what that person just sent you. So you have to screenshot and send it to your friends, so you can ALL revel in the absurdness of the text.

10. The Memes.