The dog species is the most loving, caring, and an adorable thing that humans have ever encountered. The male species, on the other hand, is trash. Here's why you should cuddle up with your doggo this holiday season instead of any man.

1. They are always down for cuddles.

Cuffing season is renovated. It lasts all year now.

2. They are extremely warm.

Average dog temperature is 102.5 F. WIN.

3. They are as soft as fleece blankets.

Cuddles and warmth and softness. What more could you want? They also love blankets.

4. They will always love you.

Do you even see how excited they get when you arrive at home?!

5. They will never leave you.


6. They don't judge you.

OK, well maybe a little. Not as much as a man would though!

7. You don't have to buy them a gift that breaks the bank.

Not to mention, it doesn't take that much to impress them. DOUBLE WIN.

8. They are much cuter than men.

You've heard that men give puppy dog eyes, but they do not compare to ACTUAL puppy dog eyes.

9. They bark when they sense danger, aka men.

Same thing with babies, but I think we can agree that dogs are 100% better than babies.

10. They know when they've done something wrong and they feel guilty about it.

Seriously. It's not that hard, guys.

11. Dogs don't compare your cooking to their moms.

I know that it will never be the same, but at least I'm trying.

12. They don't care if you've shaved your legs.

They have never shaved, so it is completely fine!

13. They don't care if you want them to meet your parents.

In fact, they would love to meet mom and your dad!

14. They 100% mean it when they kiss you.

This, you should never doubt.

15. They are funnier than men.

Have you ever seen a dog chase its tail? Most funny thing ever & they think they have a chance at catching it.

16. They understand what NO means.

They will try their best not to do it again, but keep in mind their memory is not the best. Even when they do the thing again, and you remind them that it is bad, they will guilty about it.

17. They are photogenic.

True models, they are.