The holiday season is here once again. Many would agree this time of year is the best time for cute dates.

Check out these 25 festive date ideas to help you count down to Christmas. Who knows, maybe some of these dates may become a tradition for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend in holiday seasons to come!

1. Take in the Christmas light displays in your town or city

Christmas lights are everywhere during this time of year. Go peeping!

2. Shop for Christmas presents together

This is one of my favorites and it's always nice to have someone else's opinion.

3. Visit a winter market

You can find so many unique and cute products at winter markets.

4. Watch Christmas movies and cuddle

The OG type of Christmas date idea that never gets old, honestly.

5. Go ice skating

Who doesn't love ice skating?

6. Decorate gingerbread houses

Get two houses and have a decorating competition together.

7. Go sledding

Bring out your inner child.

8. Take holiday photos together

Christmas photos are festive and cute. There are always good ideas everywhere you look for you to get inspiration from.

9. Bake Christmas cookies

And decorate them too!

10. Make Christmas drinks

Whether they're alcoholic or not, there are many festive drinks you can concoct.

11. Volunteer and give back

Volunteering together for sure can be a date and it sure brings some holiday cheer into your life.

12. Make Christmas mugs

Decorate them! They could even make great gifts if they end up looking cute.

13. See a Christmas play

There's always some type of holiday play going on in the area, just do a quick Google search and voila!

14. Pick out a Christmas tree together

Find a local Christmas tree farm, bundle up, and have fun!

15. Decorate the tree

I love decorating my Christmas tree every year, and having two sets of hands is both helpful and romantic.

16. Buy Christmas decorations

Go to the store and then decorate your place together.

17. Wrap presents

Wrapping presents can be tough sometimes, so doing it together can help up your wrapping job.

18. Cook a holiday dinner together

Cook up a yummy holiday dinner together and enjoy it by the light of your Christmas tree.

19. Have a snowball fight

Once again... bring out your inner child!

20. Visit Santa

Bring it up a notch and get a picture with him. Funny and cute!

21. Attend a holiday party... or throw one

Get dressed up together and attend a holiday party or throw one yourself.

22. Make Christmas cards

Whether you're artistic or not, making Christmas cards is always fun.

23. Visit your nearby botanical gardens for a light show

There's a botanical light garden where I'm from and it's one of the most popular holiday spots.

24. Have breakfast in bed

Enjoy a morning in and make breakfast in bed while watching some Christmas movies.

25. Go thrifting for ugly sweaters

You can never have too many ugly Christmas sweaters, right?!

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