Dating and creating relationships in college has become quite the popular trend. While many people can be busy with school, others are going out and having fun while trying to find a significant other.

Sometimes we can run out of ideas of dates to go on to be more creative than just a dinner at a nice restaurant. Not that there is anything wrong with a nice dinner, but sometimes it's more fun to go outside of the box and create new experiences.

Another aspect to think about is the fact of being a college kid but also trying to do something nice. We all know college students are more than likely on a tight budget and can only go to Sonic for dinner. This isn't a problem because a date doesn't have to be at some fancy restaurant where a meal is $30. It's the experience that matters. Below are a few ideas for a fun date when balling on a budget.

1. Make Your Own Picnic

Although this idea does include going out and buying food, this offers you the choice to pick how much you want to spend and what you want to buy. It also gives you the chance to only get a small snack instead of having to buy a whole meal. There are no restrictions on what you bring to a picnic so you can definitely make it your own. Having a picnic also gives you the opportunity to have some time outside and experience your surroundings and the person you're with, without being interrupted by a server.

2. Take A Hike

What can be more free than a hike up to a scenic destination? All you need is your walking shoes and maybe a bottle of water. This idea offers more time outside, just like the picnic, but you don't actually have to buy anything unless you're planning a meal or a snack. It also gives you a chance to see how the other person works outside in nature.

3. Go To A Drive-In

Although this isn't necessarily the cheapest option for a date, you can alter it to make it the cheapest or most expensive date that you want. Although there isn't a way to avoid the actual movie fee, you do have the option to bring your own drinks and snacks. You also have the opportunity to get as comfy as you want due to the fact that you have your own car instead of a small seat squished between two people.

4. Make Your Own Meal

Along with the drive-in, this option still costs a little bit of money. You would obviously need to go to the grocery and purchase the necessary ingredients, and it might seem at first that it costs more than a restaurant, but I promise it comes out to being less. Remember when you finish your meal and you have leftovers? Now that money that you paid created more than just one meal. Also having the chance to cook your own meal lets you be creative and fun with your date.