What's up beautiful? How are ya? Single AF?

I feel that we've all been there—many, many times. The jerks take over some months and end up throwing you out—for no good freaking reason.

Listen up, men ain't shit—seriously. I know I sound like a huge hypocrite considering I'm in a relationship- but seriously, most men aren't shit.

Here's some advice I have for you, and I hope you take it. Because, well, I know something about guys, I am in a relationship. I'm here to tell you how to make it work to the best of your ability,

and hey, if you've been screwed over before—I'm here to make sure that never, EVER happens again.

Play hard to get

You've heard that before? It doesn't work? Well, chances are you're not playing hard enough. It's bullshit if you hear that guys don't like that because I've literally heard it out of my boyfriend's mouth.

No one likes the easy girl (I mean unless you are strictly involved in a NO STRINGS ATTACHED relationship, then by all means, go for it). But, seriously, act like he ain't shit (because he's not).

But, that's your first step to getting the guy.

Keep your options open.

You never know when he's going to strike with his male bullshit—so don't completely give everything to him yet. Keep in mind that we are still young, but if you can't see it working with that specific someone, then don't limit yourself to just him.

Unless you are in an exclusive relationship don't just flirt with one guy, try other things out too.

Don't get too attached to fast.

Again, in the hookup culture, we are involved in now you never know what you're getting yourself into right now. It sucks because there are some good ones out there, but most, just want one thing.

Unless you know that sex isn't a huge factor in creating feelings, don't do it.

Please, for the love of God, don't.

I'm begging you.

Know if you are the side hoe or the main hoe.

I'm not saying stalk him because you don't want to come off crazy, but know who you are dealing with. Is he a one girl guy? Or do you think that he's a multiple kinda guy?

Yes, ladies, there are guys out there like that.

See how he acts around girls—is he flirtatious? Do you think he could take home another girl every night? Does he give you most of his attention?

Find some little facts about him—like what has his other relationships been like? Has he been in one?

Just like a paper in school, do your research before fully committing to something.

Have fun.

You seriously don't know how lucky you are sometimes to not have to deal with another human. But, you could say the same thing back. Being single is all about having fun—enjoy the hookup culture. But, be sure to know what you want before you do anything.

Being single has its perks, take advantage before you are locked down (in a good way).

Being in a relationship is amazing too, absolutely amazing. But, it can only be that way if you're in one with the right person.

Don't sell yourself away too fast, make sure you're both on the same page.

Good Luck Love!