10 People Confess Their Worst Valentine's Day Dates That Will Make You Happy You're Single

Sometimes the holiday of love can turn into a not so great time. Whether you are single, talking to someone, or in a relationship, sometimes Valentine's Day can just plain suck. Breakups, bad gifts, or horrible gestures are just some of the things that can happen any day but, becomes worse on February 14th.

Here are nine people's Valentine's Day experiences which are definitely the worst:

1. Spongebob and a rap

"One Valentine's Day my boyfriend invited me to his apartment for a home dinner date. When I got there, the apartment was all done out in Spongebob Valentine's Day decorations, EVERYWHERE. Then after dinner as a "gift," he created a Valentine's Day rap, which was horrible and left me with no idea how to react." - anonymous

2. Parents got home early.

"A couple years ago I made my boyfriend dinner at home while my parents went out for Valentine's Day dinner. They told us when they would be home, so we planned accordingly. Fast forward to making out half-naked on the couch and my parents burst through the door. Never threw a blanket over myself so darn quick." - anonymous

3. Dog ate all my cookies.

"My boyfriend had some favorite kinds of cookies. So one year I made him three of his favorites and wrapped them all pretty and festive. He loved the gift and put it on his bedside table to enjoy, After the gift exchange we went to dinner and when we got back, every single one of the cookies was gone, the dog had eaten them. They called the vet freaking out thinking their dog was going to be sick, but thankfully he was totally okay." - anonymous

4. Expected a feel up.

"My boyfriend at the time got me the normal high school Valentine's Day gifts—the chocolate, the bear, and then flowers. We went out to dinner and then came back to watch a movie. As we are watching the movie he starts to make a move. I was like, let's not and he argued back saying that he gave me a good Valentine's Day with gifts and food and I should be comfortable enough with him feeling me up. Safe to say it didn't last long after that." - anonymous

5. Paid for gift AND dinner.

"Had me make the reservations for dinner, since he was too lazy. Then had me buy the ring I wanted with my gift card and had me pay for dinner with another gift card. Never split or even paid for his own gift to me." - anonymous

6. Boyfriend gave me a bag of cheese.

"Three years of dating. For Valentine's Day, I got a bag of cheese. Worse part, it wasn't even good cheese." - anonymous

7. Lingerie was "cool."

"I spent about $60 on a pretty lingerie set for Valentine's Day. Got all done up and put it on to show him, walked out and his response was 'that's cool.' Even gave him a second chance and said 'isn't the back pretty?' and he said 'yeah that's cool too.'" - anonymous

8. Got the same gift as other girlfriend.

"One year my high school best friend and I were hanging out on Valentine's Day together. Later in the day, my boyfriend stopped over to give me a gift. Little did I know he was also dating my friend I was with and had come there to give both of us our gifts at the same time. To top it off it was the same ugly bear from CVS." - anonymous

9. We broke up

"Literally broke up with me on Valentine's Day." - anonymous

10. Nothing.

"Got absolutely nothing for a gift." - anonymous

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

7 Lifestyle Changes That Happen When Your College Roommate Gets A Boyfriend

Skills acquired: third wheeling, photography.

Lauren Yu
Lauren Yu

Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially in cuffing season. These are some of the observations I made as my roommate got a boyfriend.

1.You become a third wheeler

Their plans are your plans.

2. You are the couple’s personal photographer

"Can you take our picture?" is one of your new nicknames.

3. You play the game, “Who has seen my roommate?”

Sometimes you go days without seeing either of them.

4. You learn when to stay a few paces back and let them have their own space

This skill might take some time to develop.

5. You learn how cringey your roommate can be when it comes to her boyfriend

You love her but also LOL.

6. You get to hear all the details (because accountability is important!!)

Living vicariously is all that you have most nights.

7. You give them your full support, unless she get hurts (then, boy bye)

At the end of the day, as long as she's happy, you're happy.

If your roommate gets a boyfriend, learn what it takes to be a good third wheeler, and get a phone with good camera quality. Good luck to all the roommates who have roommates with boyfriends!

Lauren Yu
Lauren Yu

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10 Things Every College Girl Can, And Should, Do Instead Of Sending A Text That Probably Will Ruin Her Life

Read this before pressing send.


We're all human. We bleed red and we cry water.

We have emotions—violent, vivid, and sometimes uncontrollable. It's natural to feel, it's healthy to feel but sometimes we feel ugly and unpleasant emotions. We may not always be able to control our emotions, whether it's anger, sadness, or longing, but we can control our actions.

So instead of compulsively hitting the send button to a text that may very well lead to instant regret; let's take a step back from the phone and busy yourself with something else for a while.

1. Journal

This allows you to sort through you're feelings and thoughts in a designated safe place. No one has to read it so it's safe to write down your raw thoughts without concern for anyone else's judgment. This gives you an opportunity to process your intentions and possible consequences. You could journal on a physical piece of paper or digitally.

2. Take a nap

Nothing resets the mind and body like a good satisfying nap.

3. Tend to a pet

Our pets are always ready to give us unconditional love. They can soothe our woes if we allow them, so pet your furry pal, hold your reptile amigo, or watch your finny friend. Play with them, love them, and take care of them. Engaging with your animal friends will direct your attention to someone who needs you. You can even rant to them, they'll listen to what you have to say.

4. Play a video game

Engage in any world you'll like from petting "Nintendo Dogs" to shooting in "Call of Duty." Video games offer an outlet for us when we're in a rut, allowing us to escape into a world of virtually no consequence.

5. Create art 

Art is an abstract expression of the soul. Instead of verbalizing over a text, use your emotions as fuel in creating a masterpiece. Be messy with paint or charcoal, or perhaps more refined with pencil or digital art. Art is various and ultimately limitless; its a judgment-free zone where you can authentically be you and express your internal world.

6. Cook

Cooking is both practical and fun. You diligently work in preparing the dish and at the end of your hard work you have something yummy to eat. The effort you put into the meal is rewarding as you devour it. Plus nothing beats eating to distract you from your feelings.

7. Exercise

Exercise can mean taking a walk around the neighborhood, yoga, the gym, or playing on a playground. Something physical can help burn off excess energy you may harbor and may help level you out. Exercise gives your body and mind some love and may help clear your head.

8. Listen to music

Music offers us solace when we need it. It gives us comfort by helping us verbalize our emotions and express them in an art form. There's a song for every mood and mindset, so there's always something to listen to.

9. Read a book

Escape into another world through the pages of a book. Sometimes engaging in someone else's problems in their own plotline is what we need to become distracted from our own.

10.  Write an article

Take your stance or problem, and use it as fuel to create something worthwhile. Make something productive out of it, such as writing an article on Odyssey.

When I started writing this article I was fuming mad but as I wrote I gradually calmed down (See #1). I was about to text something nasty out of anger but I stopped myself. I didn't want to hurt someone I sincerely cared about. Sometimes we need a little time away from our phones to process our intentions and the consequences. In the age of instant gratification taking a step back may prove difficult but sometimes it's what we need. Hopefully, you can get to a place where you can text something you won't regret as I have.

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