Have you ever seen that girl alone at a bar and wondered what her deal was? It may seem odd for this girl to be on her own at a bar. Trust me- this girl is more interesting and worth your time. I'm not talking about a girl who completely isolates herself from people- that's just not healthy. Don't discount the girl who goes to the bar alone. She might be everything you never knew you needed. She may be a breath of fresh air that revitalizes you. There are some solid reasons to date the girl who goes to the bar alone.

1. She doesn't need you

Hermione Granger

Of course, it's nice to feel needed. She will depend on you and lean on you, but she won't rely on you just to exist.

2. She can make her own decisions

Leslie Knope

She doesn't need anybody telling her what her drink order should be. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it. She can think for herself. You want a girl who can hold her own.

3. She knows who she is

This girl knows where her priorities and values are. If someone can't tell you what they value and believe, are they even worth dating?

4. She's got confidence

Michelle ObamaShe is confident enough to spend time with herself and go about her life. Dating requires confidence.

5. She doesn't care what people think about her

Allison Janney

Life is too short for her to care about what anybody thinks of her. She can be focused on improving herself based on her own self-reflection.

6. She is a deep thinker and imaginative

Alice in Wonderland

Spending time with yourself involves getting lost in thought. This girl can think deeply and reflect on where's she's at emotionally and mentally. If you date her, you want her to be able to communicate that.

7. She wants to experience life and she's not going to wait around to do it

Brook Davis

She takes initiative and sets her own agenda and experiences. You want a girl who is excited about life and has all kinds of ideas and dreams. Life certainly won't be boring with this girl.

Next time you see a girl alone at a bar, don't be afraid to get to know her better.