As a military spouse, especially a Navy spouse, I know the struggles that can come with military life during the holiday season. Last year, my husband left for deployment 10 days before Christmas, 10 days. Of course, it was really hard, especially having our daughter who was one and a half.

Deployment no matter what time of year is heartbreaking, and during the holidays it can be even more devastating as you can feel even more alone.

No matter if you have kids or not, being a military spouse is hard. My favorite line from people is, "Well, you knew what you were getting yourself into." Obviously, but that still does not change the fact that when duty calls, it's still the hardest thing you have to do.

When it comes to dealing with deployment, it's important to stay positive, which I know seems impossible. If you're able to, surround yourself with friends and family. Trying to do everything completely on your own can be overwhelming, especially during the holidays and it's important to not burn yourself out.

Know that you're not alone, there are many of us out there going through the same thing now or have gone through it before.

Reach out if you need help, whether it's with Christmas shopping, decorating, or just to talk. Call a friend or family member, go to a military spouse support group if you want, just don't seclude yourself counting down the days until you're reunited with the love of your life.

So if you're going through a deployment this holiday season, know that I'm thinking of you, and so are many others. Reach out and if you know someone going through deployment, reach out to them and see if there's anything you can do.

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