Having a man who has different views as you makes every day interesting. Sometimes, dealing with a difference of interest is not always enjoyable at the moment, but in the long run, there's happiness in what he can teach me. Sometimes you can discover traits you like and dislike about yourself and about someone you love.

What did this teach me? There's something to learn from someone else's traits. it can make you transform yourself into something you strive to be.

I have no interest in any sort of home improvement/ construction projects yet my boyfriend spends most of his time working on some sort of project. I had to learn to suck it up and work alongside him.

But it also taught me the importance of PATIENCE and HARD WORK. My boyfriend is very hardworking and patient with every project. He puts so much time and effort making sure everything is perfect.

Let me tell you, I am the most impatient person ever. If I don't see immediate results or the problem isn't fixed right away, I get irritated. My boyfriend has taught me that good things take time. It's been a tough thing to learn.

However, when my boyfriend refuses to step aside from a project until he's reached an acceptable stopping point. I have to learn to take a breath and help him. He uses every situation as a teaching moment which allows me to know and understand him and his passions. Due to his impressive patience with me, he actually explains what he's doing and why it has to be done. It not only teaches me valuable information, but it makes me feel included in something he has a passion for. I never thought I'd be slightly interested in my boyfriend's numerous home improvement projects but I actually start to find myself admiring his work and being anxious for the next time I can work alongside him. Watching him do what he loves and succeed definitely makes me proud.

On the flip side, I've definitely taught my boyfriend some traits that are important to me. For me, I have to have a partner who is equally as accepting as I am. I am a pretty laid back and understanding person; not caring what others do as long as they are happy.

Although our difference of opinions sometimes causes a bit of controversy. At the end of the day, we both can admit agreeing to disagree. What I love about having a man with a strong opinion is that I am forced to see both sides of situations. A lot of times we get stuck in our ways and mindsets that we completely shut out every other viewpoint. I can tell you that I most definitely appreciate being put in my place. We both question each other about what the truth REALLY is and if our opinions are just a bias. Our difference in opinions allows us to discuss deep topics and get to know each other at a more personable level.

Of course, when you're dating someone you have to come to some sort of an agreement on things and we most certainly do. After discussing, we either agree to disagree or compromise. When we compromise, we both understand that we both make valid points that the other person could value from understanding. I think we both respect each other enough to patiently speak to one another about our beliefs. I love discussing topics and seeing where each of us stand on it.

Overall, I believe every bad side of me can ultimately be a good thing. Similarly, I believe every good side of me also has a bad side. Relationships are based on give-and-take-balance. Relationships mean growth within yourself and with each other. We never compromise our interests and we stay true to ourselves by sharing a part of ourselves with each other.

I'm so lucky to experience this with the one I love.