I honestly live for watching the big proposal videos on YouTube.

They are so much fun to watch, and I think they show great commitment when it comes to going above and beyond for a significant other. You are able to see how much time, energy, and thought went into making the moment big and special, but at the end of the day not every girl wants the big public display. I know I don't, and there is nothing wrong with knowing that I do not want that kind of proposal.

They are cool, but they are just not my style.

I am more on the quiet and shy side, I do not like having the attention of other people on me, whether or not I know them. It makes me self-conscious and nervous, and I just overall do not like being the center of attention, which is exactly what a public proposal would do to me. I want that moment to be so special and shared with a handful of people, and when I say a handful, I mean three people: me, my significant other, and a photographer to capture the moment.

I just want something simple, something where I do not have to focus on anything but the moment in front of me.

If I am ever proposed to publicly, I would have to say no to that engagement, despite how much I loved the person asking, because being proposed to that way would just confirm the person does not know me enough to be asking me to marry them. If it was someone who really knew me, they would know that a public proposal is not the way to go. He would go with something small, personal, and intimate. It would be a moment we would be able to share together before having to share it with the world.

There is nothing wrong with a public proposal, it just is not me and that is OK.

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