Everyone has their "favorite ex" or someone they'd get back with, considering all of the circumstances are right.

Some people go back to their high school lover after years of being apart to get to know themselves. Sometimes, there are moments where you just want to say your feelings to their new boo or to them. The one thing I can't put my finger on is what I want for my "favorite ex."

Do I want them to date someone worse than me or better?

When I asked a handful of girls if they wanted their ex to date someone better than them, it was split 50/50. When I asked them if they wanted them to date someone worse, it was 67 percent who said yes and 33 percent no. A surprising majority of 83 percent of the girls said they wanted their ex to be happy, while the remaining percentage said they did not.

What kind of love do I think my ex deserves after me?

I think about the time we were together, no matter if that meant two years or two months, but it never occurred to me during that time, if we were to break up, who would I want them to replace me with? Would I want him to be with someone who makes him smile in all of the ways that I couldn't? Would I want him to be with someone who would make his life a living hell so he'd regret our breakup? Would I want him to be happy? Would I want him to be miserable and desperate for a way out?

I can recall the times I would sit in my room in complete silence and listen to sad songs to try and get my mind off of my ex and scroll on Pinterest looking at quotes and sad sayings, but he was living his life with his new girlfriend.

I used to want him to be miserable, but now I want him to be happy with someone better than me.

If I were to be the bitter ex-girlfriend when we got along so well, what would that do for me? I can't see how it could benefit me, so yes, I want my ex to date someone better than me.

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