I'm a girl, so trust me when I say it truly does make our day, heck even our week.

It doesn't have to be some fancy bouquet, most grocery stores have very pretty ones for $7 to $15. That's right, you can surprise us with some $10 flowers and we will be blown away. Or, if you happen to see some flowers outside just waiting to make a girl smile ear to ear, a bouquet of flowers you picked yourself would be beyond sweet and will have us totally in love.

The best part about receiving random flowers is that it means there was thought put into this action of love.

It means you were thinking of us. It wasn't because it was Valentine's Day or a birthday and giving flowers is somewhat expected, it's because you took the time out of a normal day to make us feel special.

I'm not saying give a bouquet of flowers every week, but give them when we've had a bad week and that's the pick me up we could use, or when you see some of our favorite flowers, or maybe just because you want to say "I love you" in bouquet-form every so often.

Let getting flowers be something that is still special for us, but don't make us wait until everyone else is getting flowers on that day, too.

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