It seems that guys have a really not-so-subtle way of being hypocritical when they're in a relationship. I'm not talking about cheating or anything like that, I'm talking about how they treat their girlfriend and her body in comparison to how they treat some random girl online.

It comes from a hidden sense of entitlement, a sense of ownership that doesn't really get noticed until their girlfriend wants to go out to the club. They tell you what you're wearing is too revealing, that you're "dressed like a stripper," and that they'd never let you wear that.

However, they seem to have no real issues with following girls that dress exactly like you want to on Instagram, or even girls that wear virtually nothing. They'll follow accounts like The College Baddies but won't let you show any skin in your photos. They'll go nuts for pornstars but you've got a lot of fucking nerve for wanting to wear a crop top.

That's bullshit. You were hot before them, you're still hot when you're dating them, and you'll continue to be hot long after they're gone.

Guys, you shouldn't be treating your girlfriend like she's your daughter, not allowing her to go out of the house if she's wearing something you don't "approve" of. Her body is her body, and you really shouldn't try to police it at all. If she wants to dress a little slutty when she goes to the club, you should be hyping her up instead of making her change.

You should think your girlfriend is hot all the time, not just when it's just the two of you in private. You should want to show her off to the world, taking pride in how lucky you are to have someone that looks as fine as she does. Don't let your insecurity show through and ruin her evening. You can't have standards for how she should dress and act if you're going to be hypocritical and like pictures of other girls' asses on Instagram.

I was in a relationship for almost four years where I would get yelled at if my shorts were too short when I would go out. I wasn't allowed to wear crop tops, and if I did, there was more fighting. His insecurity about me being around other guys in the club would ruin my entire night when all I wanted to do was look hot and dance with my girls. I was policed from what I could wear to who I could hang out with. Now, I'm in a relationship where I'll be in a crop top and booty shorts and instead of yelling at me, he'll tell me how hot I look. He's my biggest fan and loves seeing me looking and feeling sexy.

Guys, your girlfriend doesn't stop being hot when you date her. She's still going to blow up her feed with how great she looks, so you should be the first to comment fire emojis on her picture. She was an independent individual before she entered a relationship with you, and she's going to continue to be her own person when she's dating you. You don't own her just because you have the title of being her boyfriend. That's toxic as hell.

Take pride in how sexy your girlfriend looks. If she's showing her ass when she goes out, smack it on her way out the door. If you're going to follow the types of accounts that your girlfriend is probably going to be bothered by, you probably should realize you don't have any right to tell her she has to dress differently. She's your girlfriend, not a nun. She doesn't have to change who she is, how she acts, or how she dresses when she's in a relationship. All she has to do is love you and treat your relationship with respect.