It may sound scary but trust me... it works. Back when I was in high school, making the first move on a cute boy was definitely not going to happen. I always believed if the guy wanted to talk to me and get to know me, he'd reach out first. Now looking back on that, I wonder how many potential relationships I missed out on because I was too nervous to talk to them first.

Now being 20 years old, things are a little different. There's even a dating app out there called Bumble where the girl has to reach out to the guy first so they can start talking. From my experiences, from making the first move most of the time, it does work out in my favor and guys do find it attractive.

I asked some of my guy friends and they said if a girl reaches out to them first, they already feel more attracted to her than them hitting her up first.

My last relationship, which lasted a year and a half, happened due to me making the first move. And honestly, if I didn't make the first move, that relationship probably wouldn't have happened. Ever since then, I've never been afraid to reach out first to guys I'm potentially interested in.

Everyone is somewhat afraid of rejection, no matter what gender you are. But breaking the norms of being a girl and hitting a guy up first shows confidence and humbleness. I've always been somewhat shy, and ever since I broke out of my shell of making first moves, it's actually helped me open up with people more. My confidence has boosted a ton since I've started reaching out first.

Honestly, the worst thing that can happen is rejection. And yes, I have been rejected and/or ghosted. But I get over it and move on... it's not the end of the world. Dating traditions have changed drastically over the years so why not break the tradition of waiting for him to text you? Show him you really mean business.

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