If you want to get married in college, that's your decision.

Logically, though, it makes no sense to get married during college. A human brain does not develop fully until the age of 25, therefore, making huge life decisions before that point could lead to it being a mistake. You might question and ask then why does society make us pick our career during college? If you are enrolled in college, you are signed up to further your education and you can drop out at any point if you decide you aren't ready. Marriage, however, you can't just drop out and re-enroll when you need to.

I accept others who decided to get married during college because at the end of the day it is your life and you can do whatever you want. I have many good friends that have the desire to get married during college and good for them. That just isn't me. I have had my fair share of relationships during both high school and college, and none of these have ever changed my opinion. Yes, maybe I could have seen myself marrying a couple of them, but being in a relationship or being single has never changed my opinion on getting married in college.

Majority of the time, a college student can't even keep up with themselves between school, jobs, extracurricular activities, social events, and so much more. College is where you meet some of your best friends and make connections that can span over your whole lifetime. Those aren't the only things that come with college, sometimes a deal-breaker comes around with the name of debt.

Finances are a huge aspect to think about when you get married. Marrying somebody with a ton of debt can fall back on you and even ruin your own finances. If you get married in college, you can't even think about finances BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY. You haven't had time to go live on your own, get your own career started, and be completely independent yet.

My mom always told me "do everything YOU want to do in life before you get married" because when you get married you lose your independence to a certain degree. You have to tell your spouse everything you are doing, and they expect themselves to be your No. 1 priority which is the way it should be when you are married. Your early 20s are not for that. That time of your life is for making the best memories ever, making time about yourself, doing things that you never thought you would do.

There is such a rush in life nowadays. Everybody wants to be the first one to marry, the first one to pop out a kid, the first one to do everything. Why? To me, I would get so bored. If you get married, have a kid, get a job, buy your first house, and buy your first car all before the age of 25... what the hell do you have to look forward to? Life is so much more exciting when you have something else to look forward to in life.

I understand the thought of waking up and falling asleep with your "best friend" every day is exciting to some people. You have the rest of your life to do that, approximately 60 years of doing that if you get married in college.

So enjoy your independence, and slow it down.