6 Feelings Of Meeting Your Significant Other's Family For The First Time

6 Feelings Of Meeting Your Significant Other's Family For The First Time

5. Oh, I'm not the first girl they've brought home...

It is the first big step and such an exciting time when you get to meet your significant other's family. Not just their mom, dad, and siblings, but their entire extended family! You know it's getting serious when you need Nana. But there are many feelings that come with meeting all these new family members...

1. I hope they like me

You've picked out your outfit days in advance, practice your 30 second speech on academic and career goals, and study as much as you can about their family...but you still are anxious they won't like you.

2. What is their name again?

You met 2 sets of grandparents, 7 aunts and uncles, and 18 cousins when you walked in the door... How the hell were you supposed to remember everyone's name?

3. Yes please keep showing me pictures of my girlfriend in diapers!

You get to see adorable baby pictures of your significant other!

4. *internally strains every time I almost curse*

You've almost said 'damn' three times and 'shit' about eight. Each time you cover it up but you know your slip up is coming.

5. Oh, I'm not the first girl they've brought home...

When you find out the hard way you're not that special and they've met a girlfriend before.

6. When the pie is not as good as your grandma's...

You have to stay silent while eating a subpar piece of apple pie.

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

Having A Child Is My Absolute Worst Nightmare

I’m more afraid of having a baby than I am sitting through a horror flick. And I’ve seen Carrie.

On my 21st birthday I officially declared to my parents that I would never get married or have children. I’m now 39 and I’ve defiantly stuck to my guns.

Amongst my friends, I feel like the adolescent who’s never grown up. At 39, my freedoms are much the same as they were 20 years ago. Whilst my girlfriends battle with sleepless nights attending to their newborns. I battle with red wine comas, attending to my career.

It’s not that I hate kids, but having a child scares the absolute crap out me.

I made the mistake of watching a childbirth video once and it was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve acted in hardcore horror films which have plenty of blood and gore, but natural childbirth puts these films to shame. I don’t cope well with pain or blood. And there’s a possibility I would faint when seeing a head emerge from my vagina. My mother told me when “the bundle of joy” is placed in your arms, you forget about the pain and mess. In all honesty, I’m still not convinced.

One only has to do a few searches on Google to find hundreds of women complaining about their vaginas and sex lives after giving birth. Mothers discuss incontinence and the fact they no longer feel pleasure during sexual intercourse. One woman I found on a forum even described her vagina post-childbirth as looking like a car crash.

Call me vain, but I have a great deal of confidence in my vagina. Its fitness and tone provides me with mind-blowing orgasms. Its tightness gives my partners pleasure.

One of my friends recently said to me, “It won’t matter if your vagina is loose after having kids, because you’ll finally be a mother”. Umm, no. It WILL matter. I love my sex life. I love feeling confident when a man sees me naked. I love my orgasms.

No doubt, there are women’s vaginas that do return to normal. But the thing is, it’s a lottery, and what happens if I get a dud ticket?

No offense to the loveliness that is pregnancy, but I don’t really fancy getting the hemorrhoids or varicose veins which usually introduce themselves in the third trimester. If a hemorrhoid wants to show up on another woman’s anus, then so be it. But they are definitely not welcome on mine.

I’m not going to lie; I love having no responsibilities. I love being able to stay in bed late on weekends and not having to worry about the sleep deprivation that comes hand-in-hand with motherhood. The only person I have to worry about is number one. And if I fail at that, I’ve only got myself to answer to.

Being a mother requires a certain level of selflessness that I just don’t have, and I’m happy to own that. No woman can predict how she’ll respond after giving birth, and it’s not like you can send your baby back if you change your mind in the same way you can return an ill-fitting dress.

The truth is, I’m petrified I would resent a child’s existence in my life – for taking away my body, sex life and freedoms – and no child deserves to grow up feeling like an inconvenience. So while I’m happy to coo over friends’ babies; when it comes to my own life, as for having kids, I’m going to have to pass.

This story originally appeared on SHE'SAID', a global women's lifestyle website, and was written by .

Vanessa de Largie is an actress, author, freelance journalist and sex-columnist. Her work is regularly published in Penthouse Magazine, The Daily Telegraph and The Huffington Post.

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Yes, I Am Friends With My Ex-Boyfriend, And No, It's Not Weird

Even my current boyfriend is OK with it.

In high school, I met one of my very best friends. He had just transferred to a new school our sophomore year, and we had seen each other a few times in the hallway, but we never really talked to one another. One day, he decided maybe we should just become friends since we see each other all the time anyway (plus, he probably thought I was cute, so he had to slide into my messages). Anyway, he messaged me on Facebook one day and decided to wish me a Merry Christmas. From then on, we became really close.

We talked all the time and hung out as much as we could. We both were in and out of relationships and helped each other with break-ups, when someone needed advice, etc. This went on for about a year before we decided we could possibly be a couple. We both worked well together, and it just seemed right. In June of 2015, we decided to make it official.

By this point, we had just finished our junior year of high school, and everything was great. We spent that summer, our senior year of high school, and almost our entire freshman year of college together. I went away to college while he stayed at a community college. The distance was hard, but we decided we should probably call it quits April of 2017.

Our relationship was starting to fall apart. We couldn't stop arguing, and honestly, I was tired of trying to make our relationship work. I started to give up, and he knew that. We didn't want to jeopardize a friendship that was so important to us, so we remained friends as best as we could. It's hard staying friends with someone you dated for almost two years, but we knew it would hurt worse. Besides, we ended our relationship on good terms.

A few months later, I came home from college for summer vacation. It was a little weird to be around each other again, but we picked things up where we left off with our friendship. We spent that summer like we used to. We hung out all the time, went places, and just acted normal. We were still best friends, and neither one of us wanted that to change.

Two years later, we're still very good friends. I am still in college, and he has since enlisted in the Navy. Before leaving for the Navy, he would come to my house and visit my mother, and even house and dog sit when we weren't home. I'm pretty sure he still has a key to my house. I even went to see him when he swore into the Navy and left for boot camp.

Both of us get asked all the time if it is weird to be around one another, and they seem really confused when we say it's not. Our families don't really understand how we've remained friends, but I do. He and I always acted like friends more than we did a couple. Our friendship often times came before our relationship, and we didn't want to mess that up; it was important to both of us.

So, no, being friends with my ex is not weird, and it isn't for him either.

Cover Image Credit: Tina Freeman

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